XBD Studio: Tenkaichi Budokai World Martial Arts Tournament Diorama Photo Review

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This is perhaps the best diorama any Dragon Ball fans can ever hope to own. It’s massive, its presence is amazing, and you can have so much fun with it!
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Tenkaichi Budokai is a signature stage for Dragon Ball much more than DBZ or DBS. It became the center of the Dragon Ball era. And having Goku and Krillin going all out like this brings back the good old memories. This Diorama is stunning most definitely.

By the way, if you look carefully, the wall isn’t aligned. They are slightly tilted. This diorama is great and all but it has several issues in the execution. Simply, the majority of the parts do not align since the surface isn’t straightly cut. They are slightly rounded when they shouldn’t. The details are all in the video.

The sassy Krillin move. He was always a trickster. But in a real battle, every warrior will try to trick the opponent to let their guards down. This is part of their skills and nothing to do with lack of honor. If must be skilled enough to not get tricked. In a way, Krillin knew this way better than Goku. Besides, the martial art was invented for the weak to fight against the strong.

I said it’s 1/12 scale diorama but it’s probably around 1/24. But it’s good enough and if it’s a true 1/12 scale, I have no space to put it then. So 1/24 is a decent size for me.

The majority of the DBZ fans hate DB for some reason and many voices their hate when a DB figure gets announced. That’s probably because DB was never aired officially in the West. It was DBZ so, outside Japan, you never received an official proper Dragon Ball timeline. It’s like people in the west has a strong love on Gundam Wing because it was the first Gundam to be officially aired (The original First Gundam did air but due to the US stupidly attack Iraq so anything related to war has been banned in media and so the First Gundam was removed). But for the original long supporting fans, DB is not below DBZ by any means. It was amazing on it’s own. It offered the martial art tension far better than DBZ or DBS. Yup, I am saying it, how can you be a true Dragon Ball franchise fan by hating DB? You cant.

Obviously, Jacky Chun here was inspired by Jacky Chan since the author loved comedy action and was inspired greatly by a lot of different media. And I LOVE Jacky Chan and Jacky Chun!

Honestly, the only time the Tenkaichi Budokai was used in DBZ was in the Buu Saga and it wasn’t actually used at all. And not even in Super. And I think that’s fine. DBZ and DBS both never focused on martial art much at all. I mean, you get those awesome punches and kicks but you never get new skills or moves. At least nothing compared to the Dragon Ball era.

Dragon Ball was filled with new techniques, poses, moves, and so many ki skill usage. And after Akira Toriyama let his new apprentice draw DBS, the beauty of poses diminished again. For me, and I think for the majority of the original Dragon Ball fans, the martial art era was Dragon Ball and nothing after that.

We can even see it in their costume design. Martial arts are heavily connected with culture and tradition. But from DBZ, it’s all spandex or casual clothing. We don’t see a culturally trained martial artist anymore. Tao Pai Pai was a great and menacing character. Unlike the prior characters, he is here to kill. He’s the archetype for an assassin and he isn’t the softy kind type like Hit.

I really do wish Bandai give us properly scaled kid character figures. I mean Goku, Krillin, Chichi are too big! Like their heads are like a melon! No way this Figuarts kid Goku’s head is going to leave a hole in Demon King Piccolo’s chest. It will rip him in half!!

Piccolo Jr. was a beautiful making. He was supposed to be the final villain in the entire franchise until Shueisha publishing demanded Akira Toriyama to resume Dragon Ball due to its exploding popularity. But I don’t mind if Dragon Ball really ended here. It was a beautiful ending. It shows that even if your origin was evil, it will not necessarily make you who you are.

That said, yes, I am happy DBZ came. It offered a lot and it is what made the foundation for all shounen manga action genres. It changed everything. And Piccolo’s journey from evil to good was completed here too. Oh, by the way, this blog is specific to the DB era and the DBZ one will come in the next blog.

I did say martial art skills were shown mainly in DB and nothing much in the DBZ era. But we are slowly seeing a bit of return of skills, posing, and such back in DBS. Not as obvious as DB but it’s there. I hope we will get a full return of combat skills and a merger of power action that we saw in DBZ. Wait? What is this blog about? It’s about this kick-ass diorama of course!! Look at it! It’s awesome!!

So the next blog will be focusing on DBZ and DBS characters. It could be in 2 parts since I took a lot of photos. But it’s all good my friends. Let’s enjoy some Dragon Ball Fighterz!!

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