When I was still in grade school…

Photo taken on early 90s
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Thinking of it, diorama making was inside me since I was in my grade school. I always played with GI Joe and Star Wars 3.75″ but I always played where the environment suited the story. This Christmas cake diorama with Gog model kit was the first handmade diorama I have done.

If you have noticed, these aren’t done. I need to clean up and sand them a bit. Then paint them and weather them so I got a long way to go. Just that I am waiting for MS-06F type to be released so I can grab like 6 of them. I know all these numbers are confusing but hey, Gundam fans are as crazy as Star Wars fans in a good way. Once Bandai releases the MS-06F Origin version, I’ll return to completing this insane army diorama.

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