ToyBoxPhoto Update

I must apologize to all my readers for not updating for some time. I am truly sorry. The reasons for not being able to update stem from two things.

1) I run a business and as you all may know, the majority of businesses are facing major difficulties due to the pandemic. We will be fine. We will survive this. But I still need to give it everything I got. I have close to a hundred staff and I need to protect their living and their families. I am sure once the economy return, I can focus more on my blog and channel.

2) I am facing a dilemma. After the pandemic, YouTube Channel and Blog have exploded in number while the audience number has not changed. IE, it’s hundreds of times difficult to be successful as a YouTuber and or as a Blogger today than before 2019. It seems my blog page is doing fine but my YouTube Channel isn’t getting much traction and updates for my blog page are directly linked with my YouTube Channel. I cannot make one without making the other since even the discussed contents are different, the topics are the same. So I need to find a way to boost my YouTube Channel subscription and view to keep my blog page going or else I will need to find another way to express my imagination. So I am currently trying to find a better way for my videos. If you can subscribe and like, that would be super helpful!

Addition) Some may read or heard it in my blog or video but I was a digital animation instructor in Japan and I have a strong bond with anime and manga. My goal was to be a manga author and currently, I am making my own manga. This will be my life goal and will be in Japanese and English. Once it is ready, I will love you all to come to take a look.

Lastly) I really do hope everyone’s ok even we are facing one of the worst economic crises in human history. The number says this pandemic is more than 4 times worse than leman shock and will be recorded in history. Everyone, please take good care. And Also, sorry I have not been able to respond to any of the comments. And I am simply having so many spans that I can no longer control it. I tear with your comments but sadly all these fake ad comments make it impossible for me to check the legitimate ones. Once I find a better way to communicate with you all, I will inform you for sure.

Stay healthy and may the force be with you all.

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