ToyBoxPhoto Comment Q/A Page: Sorry for my late responses…

Sorry Blog Fans!! I am so late in replying to your messages!!

Hi, the audience of my blog. This is Shingo, creator of the ToyBoxPhoto blog and YouTube channel. This is my first time writing a message to all my fans.

I am very sorry that I was not able to respond nor approve all of your comments fast enough.

I had my blog page comment set to manually approve since I have been getting quite a lot of spam comments that linked my audiences to some porn and unrelated websites. Some of my blog page comment sections are closed due to the endless harassment of such. Receiving over 800 spam comments and removing them took a lot of time.

My blog is not been spammed!?

So when I saw a massive jump on my comment section, I thought it was another spam link and thought to come back and deal with it later. And yes, there was some spam but the majority of the comments were genuine! My lord I must respond!

That said, I work 7 days to sustain my business for my crew and I only am capable to do my blog when I come home. So I thought of replying to some of the questions here before I do to the actual comments that received. So it is a Q/A time!

Blog q/a time!

Does your blog suffer from spam? Mine does!

YEEEEESS!! I do. A LOT! Porn, Gambling, some weird sales, and so on. And I have no idea what to do since even I put them on spam, they will use another account or email to leave comments and stuff. So, sorry my friend, there is no answer on what to do. I am in the same boat as you.

There's no one responding to the message

Yes, I agree, this past two months I was not able to respond or approve any comments. From now on, all comments are automatically approved. I will come back later and remove the spam. Regarding replying, I usually do reply to each message but it is getting harder each day due to running my own business. I will do my best but if I couldn’t, I would be reading it still and love and appreciate you all.
If replying to each comment becomes difficult again, I will make another blog page or so dedicated to that.

My comments do not appear!

My bad. All the comments were approval required due to so many spams I was getting but now I have made it auto approve so everything you comment will be displayed right away!

Some of your blogs are missing!!

Yes! I noticed that and it has to do something with the host or provider. It seems half of my older posts are gone from the website but the post itself does exist. I am trying to reach out to the host to fix this issue!

Praises to my blog!

Thank you all! Love you! And again, without my audience, my work here is meaningless. I run my own business and I know what it means to have fans. So thank you all and the only reason how I am doing this is simply because I have you all here!

I like your blog! I am going to share it with my friends!

Oh my god thank you. Oh, if you can also suggest them to come to my YouTube Channel and subscribe, that is amazing! Love you all!

Do you use Twitter? Instagram? Facebook?

I do have a Facebook page but I am really not great at SNS. I came from the era when the computer screen only has a black background and green fonts. So every year when new things pop up, I am screwed lol. I do plan to do Instagram somehow in the future but for those who are interested, here is my Facebook page!
Shingo Works | Facebook

Your YouTube and Blog page discusses different contents even the reviewed action figures are the same?

Yes, I talk about different things in my blog and YouTube Channel even if the reviewed figures are the same. The YouTube Channel is more about the figure itself because I am limited with how much time I can spend on it. Most viewers prefer a video that is 8 ~ 18 minutes long. But for the Blog page, I can go as long as I can so I decided to go off-topic sometimes.

So if you like to know more about the actual figure, the YouTube video would be great to watch. For the more off-topic wild run, the blog is it! But why not try both? 😀

You should have a donate button! I want to support you!

I honestly did not know the existence of a donate button! I love to! But honestly, I am not sure because I do like to do something if some donation is given. I might start something if I can find some way to appreciate those who gave me donations. But thank you very much for your kind heart!!

Anyways we can support you?

I thought of myself as untouchable mentally when I was in my 30s but once after hitting my 40s, I got easily tearful lol. My life was all about “run for it, grab it and hold on to it if you want it. Nothing is yours” so receiving a kind word wasn’t a thing. I am currently doing a YouTube Channel as well on ToyBoxPhoto. If you can kindly subscribe, that is the biggest support you can give me! 
(388) ToyBoxPhoto – YouTube

What blog provider do you use?

I use And for those who are interested in jumping into blogging, I suggest using Apparently, they are completely different and it seems you get way more app for .org instead. I missed this one sigh.

And I use SiteGround for the hosting. For blog building, I use Elementor which is great. I use to use Wix and it was super easy but it is also restricted in function. Adding, apparently WordPress has the most users and therefore, will receive an easier hit when searched by google. I do not use any other coding or anything else. I just went to search around to learn how I use WordPress and Elementor on YouTube and that’s how it all begin. Learning curve was painful though.

I love your writing. How do I approach?

Honestly, I get quite a bit of comment like this and I never expected it. I literally was the worst student in my English class. No, seriously. I totally suck at grammar. I am just doing my best to avoid mistakes.

But if there is anything I am doing correctly, that be passion alone. I love action figures. I love movies. Anime and manga/comic were my life! And My generation was known to be the birth of the golden age of manga in Japan. So my knowledge comes from learning how the industry was developing up to now. So my best answer to all of you who have asked, just run with your passion.

Your blog is always updated! It will be very successful among collectors soon!

So much thanks! I do try to update my blog page once in 3 or 4 days as well as my YouTube Channel. I’ve started all this in September 2020. So I am quite new to the blog and YouTube. Early on, I only posted once a week due to my working method. If you look back on my videos, there were a lot more going on in the editing but today it’s much more simple and that is how I was able to pump out more.

Can I use your web design to upgrade my own? Can I use your quote as a reference for my own blog page?

Go ahead! Though I am not sure what and how but ideas are supposed to be shared with and what I am doing is only writing something about my hobby and those hobbies came from people who’ve made these awesome figures. So it’s all sharing together.

Are there codes, search optimizer,s or related used in your blog?

Absolutely, nope. My brain is too primitive to even understand what those are. I am just using the basic of the basic and anything else will boil my brain lol.

What equipments do you use to take photos / film?

I mostly use iPhone X for video taking and photos but my primary camera would be Sony a7R with a 24-200 lens. I also use 3 light sources. One is an LED light that you see used often at the ceiling of the office. The other two are spotlights. It’s the typical 3 point lightning style that filmers and photographers use. The background is a simple drop sheet with different colors suited for the need.

Who's that figure with a Clone Trooper helmet and a suit and jacket?

That’s my avatar Shingo Trooper. Because I am a businessman who loves phase one Clone Trooper the best, I got myself a Mafex Bruce Wayne body, customized the neck, and added a Bandai Phase One Clone Trooper Helmet on.

You can read his bio here:
Go Beyond – ToyBoxPhoto

Some of the figures are not new. Not going to chase the latest products?

Love to but I live in Vancouver, BC, Canada,, and nothing and I mean absolutely nothing comes here. It’s hell to be a collector here. So when I get anything new, that’s already been reviewed by so many other collectors. Also, there are a lot of awesome figures that isn’t necessarily new but great. And lot more are always coming so please stay tuned!

How do we contact you directly regarding something that needed to be asked?

Actually, I am quite new to all these SNS things. I think there is a dedicated email that came with this blog from the web host but I have no idea how to access them! In short, I am a web moron…
I will find a way to have a dedicated e-mail address active for ToyBoxPhoto. But for now, please leave comments on this page directly so that I know these are the ones with Q/A comments. Thank you!

From now on...

My true passion is drawing. I have been drawing since elementary and if I can choose, I like to do that forever. But due to family business, my goal has been altered. Been a business owner does take almost all your life but I am a human after all. I need a life. And I mean something unrelated to family. Because I was also a Digital Animation instructor in Japan, I learned how to compose some stuff. Not perfectly but it helped me to know how to use a camera. So camera + action figure means hey! I need to do a blog and a YouTube channel, right?

But when I was in my 30s, my dream to offer my original manga kept getting stronger and stronger. I do have a ton of stories to share. But I have not yet executed them as a drawing. And when I hit my 40s, I realized I now can never release all the stories I have since people can’t live forever. So I decided to focus my time on my manga making too before it’s really too late. So hopefully I can offer something this year. And that means I have much less time too. But I will still do my blogs. I love action figures. So I hope I can address everyone my manga once it is ready. And I hope my future blogs will keep entertaining my beautiful audiences.

Thank you all.
Shingo Trooper.

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