The Robot Spirits Side OM: Kinggainer & Gattiko Figure Unboxing Photo Review


Dance it off! You and me! KING! KING! KINGGAINERRRAAAA!!!
Sorry, I love that anime so much that I can’t withhold myself.

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I love this franchise so much that once Bandai announced their figure release, I jumped up and said “TOOK ENOUGH TIME!” Kinggainer was made by the same creator who invented the original Gundam. You heard me right. The original Gundam. Which includes First, Z, ZZ, Chars Counter Attack, F91 and Turn A. And Bandai has the rights to all of his merchandise license. Yes, they took a hell of a long time.

17 years of wait and it’s finally here! Bandai Kinggainer! and Gachiko too. And I am very happy that Bandai cared about Gachiko. He is definitely the second protagonist in this franchise. Thank you, Bandai. Now go make the rest, please?

Kinggainer anime had a ton of great animation, especially on the Overman’s movements. So I was hoping to get more than 3 sets of hands. And we do get a total of 2 faceplates which isn’t bad but maybe another?
But the chainsaw activated blade option is awesome.

Love the hair!! And all those hairs have balljoint on the base so you can angle it anywhere you like. Both Kinggainer and Gachiko’s proportion is spot on.

But my praise stops here. Like I’ve said, Kinggainer had a lot of awesome actions and Bandai’s figure totally lacks in the articulation area. Especially the engineering on his shoulders is what I’ve seen in the 90s. No butterfly joint or any kind of joint that can offer a better range of movement to mimic the action from the anime. And it pops out so easily. Way too easily.

We did receive a Revoltech version a long time ago. And I must say, that one was awesome too. The proportion was ok but the articulation was amazing. Mine broke its joint but when it comes to Kinggainer, we need action! So if Revoltech’s articulation was added to the Bandai’s proportion, we would have gotten the perfect Kinggainer.

We get 3 Overman Effects with a stand that you can connect to the figure but the base that you can connect the stand is sold separately. WTH Bandai? That is a mandatory piece if you are giving us a stand. I rather not get this stand and got another set of hands or something.

What I think is that Bandai was not giving all of their effort on this figure because they knew it will not sell much anyway. Kinggainer has a super core anime fandom in Japan but it never had a major spotlight. In short, it didn’t sell well. And I think Bandai saw that and they’ve decided to cut the effort for the articulation.

And Bandai was right. This figure did not sell much. I got it for a reduced price on Amazon due to that. And that does make me sad because Bandai did show a prototype of Ranshurot before. And he will probably never be released now.

Yup, that him. It’s almost completed. Kinggainer was too unique and too early for the audience of its time. Creator Tomino is always that. He’s way too early for his time. Hell, the first Gundam was so unpopular that the episode was cut short. It only got major spotlight once female anime fans (when there were only a few backs then) saw the second reairing and they became a fan of it. And then, Bandai decided to make model kits and that brought in the boys. Now it’s a cultural phenomenon. If Kinggainer did get some sort of spotlight of that, it would have been a very different thing today.

Oh! I totally forgot to mention! Gachiko does articulate on his leg hip joint area and shoulder area. Since he’s a bonus piece (which is crazy), he doesn’t have anything much but the details are awesome.

Sooooo… Is it Kinggainer or King Gainer? Because I always thought it was King Gainer but the package clearly says Kinggainer. And because the pilot Gainer was the king of the online gaming community, I thought that’s how the name King Gainer came.
Oh, and you do get these cute clear stand with printed dancing characters.

Overall, love the franchise, love the proportion, not happy with the articulation, and sad that it didn’t sell. Maybe Bandai will try in another 20 years. And I will be waiting for their next trial.

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