Star Wars Merry Christmas Diorama Celebration Episode Three

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Darth Santa: I am very proud of your son. Your hallway scene was as cool as daddy’s. Here’s a toy.

Luke: Thanks, dad. I took the idea of your kick-ass scene from Rogue One.

Darth Santa: Yes, Though Rogue One was under Disney control, the director Gareth Edwards respected George Lucas and that is why R1 is accepted by some of the George Lucas era fans.

Darth Santa: And within crappy films such as Solo, there were some nice things such as the Range Troopers. The story totally sucked and ruined Han Solo but all the new trooper designs were nice.

Darth Santa: … And even the miserable Disney Sequel… There are some that could be redeemed.

Adam Driver:

Adam Driver: !!

Adam Driver: But… But Disney Sequel was a total jab insult toward George Lucas Star Wars and the fandom. The characters were all nothing but a soy beta complainer…

Luke: Yes, many actors like John Boyega and Daisy Ridley as well as JJ Abrams, Rian Johnson, Kathleen Kennedy, and Bob Iger attacked the fandom. But some like you and Oscar Isaac were professional. You didn’t attack the fandom. You just did your part like a professional and kept it quite like a professional. That’s the redeeming thing about the sequel. Some people who worked on it were professional and loved Star Wars.

Adam Driver: …My costume was a rip off of Darth Raven. Nothing was original in the Sequels… It destroyed the franchise. It destroyed the merchandise sales. It destroyed the DVD sales. We screwed the longest and biggest fandom franchise in the galaxy…

Luke: Star Wars will be fine. It’s in good hands now. And Star Wars fans aren’t like any other fandom. They will always love and support us if we deliver what the fans love. It was a good wake up call to prove that point.
Darth Santa: My robotic arm is getting tired. Just get the toy, will you?

Adam Driver: Grand Father! Uncle!!!
Luke: Sorry about Jake Skywalker btw.

Luke: You were so much badass character in the EU Ben. I hope Ahsoka’s Veil of the Force will undo the Sequel and remove it from canon as Disney did to the EU just to jab at the fandom. And in that way, the fans will get the badass version of you.
Darth Santa: Marry Christmas Grandson.
Adam Driver: Marry Christmas!

Christmas is all about family...

Adam Driver: Mother!?
Leia: We missed you. Welcome back.

Adam Driver: Father!? Mr. Walking Carpet!??
Han: Hey kid.
Chewie: !#$@*#$@#*$#!!

C3PO: Oh my, finally I can take a look at my true friends’.
R2D2: And I am happy finally not been treated like an Alzheimer’s droid.

Wampa: GRAAAAA!!
Everyone: What the!?

Darth Santa: AAArrr!! It’s Kathleen Kennedy’s soul! She’s hanging on to Lucasfilm to destroy our hope! We still need your help fandom! May the force be with us!!

Luke: Well, master Yoda, it was such a rough ride wasn’t it?
Yoda: Yes, yes. Bad there is. But good comes after, always.

Luke: Do you think next year will be better? I can still sense the dark side.
Yoda: You got a kickass return, I heard.

Luke: Ah, yes. Dave, Jon, and George brought me back instead of using Jake Skywalker.
Yoda: Answer, that is.
Luke: Answer to what master Yoda?

Yoda: Never stay forever, a bad thing does. A bad year came. A good year comes it will. In the Mandalorian, like you did.

Luke: Ha, I think that is true. We don’t know the future but if we hold long enough, a bright future wouldn’t be that behind I suppose.
Yoda: Yes, yes. When it arrives, we do not know. But when come it will, lesson it will be. Our past.

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