Star Wars Merry Christmas Diorama Celebration Episode One

Merry Christmas!!

I hope you are all enjoying your Christmas safely with your loved ones and if you are like myself who must spend this special day alone, then not to worry. you can still open up your toys and have some fun. In my case, making some diorama to appreciate my audiences.

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Christmas Diorama Storytelling Episode One 2020 Edition

Rebel 1: Man, it was such an awful year wasn’t it?
Rebel 2: Yea, I just couldn’t believe we survived this year.

Rebel 3: Seriously, we deserve triply better from 2021 and onward. So many of us lost so much! I don’t even know if I can survive the first few months of 2021 if a thing doesn’t change.

Rebel 2: It’ll be better. I am very sure about it. Remember it’s almost Christmas day? Think bright boys.

???: HOHOHO!
Rebels: What the?

???: HOHOHOHOHO! Your lack of faith toward a better future is disturbing.
Rebel 1: Who are you suppose to be??

Darth Santa: I am the chosen one to bring better fortune and future to you rebel scums.

Rebel 1: …You’re Darth Vader arent you?
Darth Santa: Nooo… Do not choke on your…
Rebel 2: I have seen that mask somewhere.

Rebel 3: Yea! Your mask was decorated on top of dead people’s ashes inside a temper tantrum kid!

Darth Santa: …Candy Cane??

Rebel 1: Rebel base, rebel base! We’re under attack by Santa! AAAAAAHH!!

Author: Anyhow, let us all hope Santa will bless us for next year…

2020 was like Star Wars under Disney until now...

I am so honored that I have audiences who care to read my blogs and watch my videos. This diorama is for all of you.

2015 to 2019 was such a devastating year for fans who have been supporting the George Lucas Star Wars. I mean if you like the Disney Sequels and Solo, that’s ok. You are entitled to like what you like. But it was definitely a film made to destroy the George Lucas franchise and spit at anyone who does not comply with agenda-driven Disney and Kathleen Kennedy. It was very much like a pandemic to us fans. But things are starting to change much like how the TV series the Mandalorian changing the corrupted franchise.

We will never get a chance for Carrie Fisher, Mark Hamill, and Harrison Ford to reunite as Leia, Luke, and Han thanks to JJ Abrams, Kathleen Kennedy, and Bob Iger. That was the ONE JOB that needed to be done in the sequel but when trolls contaminate something that they don’t care about, something will never be fixed again.

We will miss all these wonderful characters and actors who portrayed them but it seems Star Wars is finally showing some bright future. If you know what I am talking about that is. Due to all that attack and harassment that Disney, Kathleen, JJ Abrams, Rian Johnson, SJW crazies, and bought media did to us, sadly some of us are too depressed to return to this franchise.

How Star Wars was after Disney taking over Lucasfilm was very much like the pandemic we got this year. Our joy was harassed and destroyed. And it will never be the same. The good old days will never return. Even the best villain like Palpatine was completely used as a trash dog by Kathleen and Bob Iger (and JJ). But even if things may not be the same again, hope did arrive like how Luke’s appearance in The Mandalorian.

I always loved the prequels. They had their own flaws yes. I completely agree with that. But it did expand the Star Wars universe by hundred times. The possibilities were endless. It showed how creative George Lucas was. He may not be a great director but when it comes to his own world, no one comes near his imagination and that is for sure.

Then we got Dave Filoni doing his best to salvage Star Wars under corrupted agenda running Lucasfilm. Even EA who was a money monger tried their best to bring back the spark to the franchise. There were movements within Star Wars and we fans were pushing hard and hard too.

And last year and this October, we got The Mandalorian. Created by Jon Favreau, Dave Filoni, and our grandpa George Lucas himself. It’s not perfect of course. But it’s slowly repairing the fan’s heart. They know what went wrong and they know how to fix it. And seeing such an effort makes me want to believe Star Wars will be loved again.
What about the Star Wars fatigue that Disney excused about? FXXX that BS. We got a ton of new announcements this month and that proves we fans were right and George Lucas Star Wars will be coming back by the hand of Jon and Dave. And no announcement regarding the sequel related character proved that the sequel is a miserable failure because it was made to spit at George and the fandom.

Thank you, Jon Favreau, Dave Filoni, and George Lucas.

Thank you, Mandalorian series!!

Mandalorian definitely united pre-Disney era Star Wars. It united the Original Trilogy, Prequel Trilogy, Clone Wars, Rebels. And I add Rebels since even it was made after the Disney purchase, it was Dave who was running the series to preserve George Lucas Star Wars.

We are not sure of how our Baby Yoda’s future. Why am I calling him Baby Yoda? Because Jon Favreau commented that it is completely ok for us fans to call him Baby Yoda instead of his name LOL. And our future is undetermined too. But compared to all that darkness we faced, our future seems to be getting better. And NO, Baby Yoda will not be slaughtered by Kylo Ren. If Lucasfilm is going to keep the sequel trilogy as canon, it is still over 30 years after Luke meeting Baby Yoda. That simply far enough time for Baby Yoda to live his own destiny and leave Luke’s protection.

I hope all of you have had a beautiful moment even in such a terrible year like 2020. I did. I got you guys. I mean without my audience, making a blog every two or three days is worthless. You (my audience) are my Baby Yoda.

Or wait a minute. I could be Baby Yoda and you are the one who’s helping me walk. Quick! Give me that shiny metal ball so that I can play with it!!

I am so lucky to have you all. To show my appreciation, I will be posting a Christmas blog on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day too!

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