Star Wars Black Series: Stormtrooper Figure Unboxing Photo Review

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Yub nub! We all need a Stormtrooper and no Stormtrooper are perfect and that is the same with Darth Vader but I think Hasbro’s getting closer. And love the package btw.

You’re wrong! They aren’t close enough! Screams our collector’s mind. Yes, but this is from the Mandalorian series and I think they were based on the Rogue One design so they will be different from the original trilogy versions. And I think they are quite close to what they are meant to be.

I mean look at it. He looks cute! Like how he did in the Mandalorian. The original was more.. I mean, bulky and cool but this one’s soft and rounded. Some might not like the new design but I am fine as long as they stay true to the core design.

Some might be upset with the single jointed elbow and knew but I am frankly quite ok with it. But what I am not ok is that removing an extra joint would cut the cost and they have raised the price quite high. Meaning, they have increased their revenue by cutting their effort. So I would hope Hasbro to add something for their customers. Like an extra pair of hands. It’s been long outdated. It is mandatory to have extra pairs of hands these days.

Hopefully, Hasbro will one day give something more to the fans. Something that at least every other competitor is offering. But back to this nice figure. He looked great but one thing I must mention is that depending on the figure you get, the helmet will be distorted due to the soft material they’ve used. I got 3 and 2 were like that and 2 had a paint smudge on the mouth areas. Just for a fair warning.

If you don’t have other Stormtrooper figures, you would need at least 3 to make your scene real. I mean 1 would do if you’re just going to put it on a shelf but if you’re looking to do any diorama photography, you would need 3. 2 won’t cut it because you would always want something extra going behind the 3rd layer of your diorama.

The great thing about Stormtroopers is that you can use it with so many other figures. It’s a great investment if you know what I mean. You can mix-match with almost any Star Wars figures.

And if you want your spotlight figure to look badass, then surround them with some Stormtroopers and it will make them the lord of all badasses.

Money shot! I think Stormtrooper will always give you that. Oh, don’t worry, I am going to do a review on the team, Dr. Aphra, in the future.

People say the Stormtrooper totally sucks at their aim. And I do not disagree. But for ANH, they weren’t. At least in that movie alone. They had a precise aim on the Jawa crawler. And in the first opening here, they were in the kill zone and the Rebel Troopers were behind a pillar to protect them. The outcome was, there were only 2 casualties on the Stormtrooper side while the Rebel Troopers were completely wiped out. That’s an insane outcome.

Not only that, Leia clarified that the Stormtrooper let them go because they wanted to know the Rebel base. Meaning, Tarkin and Vader ordered the Stormtrooper to not kill Leia and her rescue team. So the Stormtrooper just shot everywhere but them and push them out from the Death Star.
Btw, how do you like my photo above? I totally love it. It’s one of my favorite shots.

But they sucked at aiming even after ANH and every other movie! Yes, so my conclusion is, those who were in ANH were the Clonetrooper who got the Stormtrooper armors. This did happen. Many clones did survive and became Stormtrooper and the majority of the Vader’s Fist were Clones. And it is also a canon that Rex lived long enough to see the fall of the Empire. So they were totally around during ANH. Just that most of them perished with the first Death Star and that is why other human Stormtroopers we’ve seen after suck at shooting because they are inferior to the clones.

Overall, I think this figure’s nice. For a detailed review of the articulation, please watch my video above. The proportion is great. He looks more like there is actually someone in the suit. The shoulder is more narrow like how a human should be. Due to the soft shoulder pad, you get more shoulder movement compared to the older figure.

What? You’ve missed out on getting them? Don’t worry. It’s Stormtrooper. And the Mandalorian series will keep going. So they will be re-released again and again and again. And every time we get another TV series or a movie, we are sure to get a Stormtrooper. So do not worry my fellow collectors. You won’t miss like a Stormtrooper.

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