Star Wars Black Series: Moff Gideon, Greef Karga, Kuiil Figures Unboxing Photo Review

Kuill is awesome. I have spoken...

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Mandalorian TV series is definitely what bringing back the fandom from the massive destruction from the Disney Trilogy and their harassment toward their customer and I mean customers who have been supporting this franchise for over 3 decades and more. And I very much appreciate what Jon and Dave are doing. And I am sure grandpa George is too.

And here are the 3 awesome figures from this line and man, I think Hasbro knows that the Mandalorian is a gold maker compared to the Sequel crap. Look at all that details added in! The cloth pattern and such are beautiful!

Oh, Quiil, why did you need to go? You were my favourite character. He was like the soul and wisdom for the season 1 show. If he was around in season 2, Mando would have gotten a lot less headache. And that is may be the reason he was killed off. He was simply too great…

And Hasbro gave a lot of love to this figure. The scarf details are crazy! His backpack is nice and even his hat comes off! I wish he would have come with a goggle on his head too. Come on Hasbro, give us an expansion pack as you did for 3.75″ Phantom Menace. We really need something extra. Btw, Kuiil, unfortunately, cannot hold the gun properly to shoot as you can see in the photo. But he has a great knee and ankle joint. I think Hasbro was going to release the Blurrg with Kuiil and so they gave him extra articulation to sit on it. Hope that will be the case. And if Blurrg does come out, please give us an extra goggle on the head for Kuiil Hasbro.

Here comes Greef. He’s such a character of his own. His attitude and how he deals with the issues are great. He’s almost like Han Solo. In fact, it’s almost like Dave and Jon made their own version since Disney screwed up Han in not only in the Sequels but in the Solo movie too.

And again, the texture details on Greef are amazing. It’s very detailed. Not sure how effective his one-sided jacket and his duo blasters with rings but he has his own stye.

I think Moff Gideon’s character was greatly enhanced in Season 2. Especially when he was playing the devil against Mando and Bo Katan. However, he was quite a typical James Bond villain in the first season. Talking forever to the cornered protagonist which bought time for IG to come and save the day. Good to see him better than that in season 2.

And the detail here is mind-blowing too. Many I didn’t even know he had that there and this here and such. The cape is beautiful and the different blacks they used for his costume add’s so much. I am not sure if the Dark Saber is removable from the hilt since it doesn’t come off but one thing I must say. So Bo-Katan mocking Mando about his “no helmet off” rules because it’s silly old rules but she cant accept the Dark Saber because she has her own silly rules? WTH?

How dare you, Jon and Dave!! You killed them both! The two characters I loved the most! They would have been awesome if they were around for season 2. Mando can be in a bad situation and IG can insult him in a very droid way and Kuiil can be the one to pick them up and ignite the movement. It would have been a great trio!

Actually, if Mando never came back after retrieving Baby Yoda, I am sure Kuiil and IG would have lived peacefully… SO, how about we just say Kuill was shot on his backpack and was unconscious but survived! Yeay! Kuill returns in Mando 3!
How about IG? Well FXCK his chip is probably under the magma so that’s out from the table. Unless Kuill has some back up.

We could have had a lot of fun if Kuiil and IG were around with Baby Yoda. IG was like a mother so IG could have taken Baby Yoda’s side when Baby did a nasty thing where Mando would go against. And Kuill can always be the one to smoothen the tides.

Mando’s angry and upset but Kuiil always have a wise answer for him.

Don’t worry! Kuiil got this! Not really but HEY! HE HAS A BACKPACK RIGHT!? So make him live and just say his backpack was ruined. Come on we had Fennec survived after getting a clear tummy shot!

Now, Greef does have a weird name but a style. His face print isn’t the sharpest but it does the job. That said, due to his plastic jacket, he’s really limited in his articulation unless you take it off. We need a cloth jacket for him for sure! He’s sitting down almost 80% of the show!

Greef is a Han Solo position to me in the Mandalorian minus the cardio. It’s almost like Disney screwed Lando so Dave and Jon gave us their version of Lando minus the woman talk mouth.

And I am sure Moff was what everyone wanted for this line and this is the photo I wanted to take too.

The beauty of the Mandalorian show is that they reused a lot of the R1 and the original trilogy as well as the prequel trilogy characters. And if you know your fans, we all will appreciate for this!

I will be releasing a separate review on the Incinerator Trooper but he really did WAO the EU fans. When he popped up with that “hold my beer” attitude, I jumped and yelled in happiness while my wife don’t know EU was just seeing it as a cool variant of another Stormtrooper.

I am so not sure how many Stormtroopers I have now… And, I will never show my dedicated 6″ Stormtrooper box to my wife since she’s totally not in line with the “army building”. For her, different brand or updated version, it’s all the same to her…

Badass! Moff! You are such a badass!! Now if you would have not wasted your time talking forever then you would have been far more badass. The difference between the George Lucas villains and poor director/writer villains like from JJ Abrams is that cool villain don’t waste time talking much nor expressing pity anger 24/7.

Vader, Tarkin, Thrawn, Veers and all show’s their capability with their action. You don’t need to talk much if you can simply do it unlike Kylo crybaby or keep on talking Snoke. But at least Gideon learned the lesson and didn’t waste time in season 2.

Does those baby handcuffs do anything against force users? Because Palpatine easily unlocked the handcuff from Luke and I am sure Luke could of done it easily too. Btw, a baby handcuff!?

I still don’t have the full armored Mando since I am waiting for the Mafex one but I am happy to see Veskar spear been capable to go against lightsaber for a bit. For those who were wondering, I am using SH Figuarts’s Phasma’s spear.

Is he behind Moff Gideon? Most people will say yes, but I am not sure because if he was, Ahsoka would have came right at him. The empire isn’t under one ruler after the fall of Palpatine. Well, if you read the EU that is and it makes sense. And I am sure Thrawn would of had no plan to listen to Palpatine to mass produce his clones because he doesn’t stand with the Empire. He only stands for his own people and he took the Empire’s side because he thought the Rebellion wasn’t able to help at all. And he was right during Palpatine’s era. But more on that for Thrawn’s review coming later.

This speaks it all!! We need Kuiil!! Mando’s journey would have ended right there if it wasn’t for Kuiil!
What!? He was shot in his spine!? Well, if his head is ok then I’d say he’s ok!! Bring him back!
I have spoken…

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