Star Wars Black Series: Incinerator Trooper Figure Unboxing Photo Review

Badass of all Stormtrooper

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I know the Disney Sequel was trash but guys you must watch the Mandalorian series from Jon and Dave as it’s brilliant and the only successor to George Lucas Star Wars. And bringing out this Incinerator Trooper is a testament to that.

He’s here! He’s awesome! Yes, you can do that iconic pose from the show! And it’s awesome!!

That attitude is amazing and I cannot believe you can capture it fully in a 6-inch figure form. I got this figure before the regular Stormtrooper but I realize his helmet is a bit squished and distorted. Probably due to the materials Hasbro is using but for us original fans, the deformed Stormtrooper helmet is something we are happy with.

His frame thrower does come with a fire blast effect. It’s a bit heavy but I wasn’t expecting Hasbro to give us such a big effect. Thank you, Hasbro.

He didn’t have much screen time but no badass character needs much screen time. Darth Maul had the least screen time for a sith and he was a badass. Boba Fett too and this Incinerator Trooper is too!

Incinerator Trooper’s here for your rescue! Do you have a Vampire problem in your home? Well, FUCX! JUST BURN THE ENTIRE HOUSE DOWN!!

Do you have acid blood alien infestation? Well, FUXK! JUST BURN THEM AND VAPORISE THEIR DAMN BLOOD!!

I really don’t know how those armors work. For those who do not know, there’s a major difference between Clone Trooper armor and Stormtrooper armor. Clone armor is not meant to increase survivability but to make the clone fight even after fatal injuries. Stormtrooper armors are very different. It is meant to disperse the blaster shock to the entire body to increase survivability but it will knock out the wearer. So most of the Stormtrooper you see falling in battle isn’t dead. They are knocked out. But we have a lot of trooper with the same design yet is specialized. Like Magma Trooper who’s operating in volcanic areas. And these guys. Incinerator Trooper. Ah… I don’t think anything but the weapon are different compared to standard Stormtrooper. So what? Police using a different gun can call themselves something else?

Like in Vancouver Canada, where the world’s most cowardly police exist, they are equipped with more guns than the entire police force of England and Wales. That’s pathetically cowards but anyhow, if a polices is say carrying an assault rifle instead of their standard Glock, are we to call them Assuart Police? Fuxk this shit it’s too complicated for a simple mind like me. I need some tea.

Oh, yes it works perfectly with your S.H.Figuarts Star Wars figures too and it’s beautiful. For the articulation and stuff, please watch the video I have above.

I love General Veers. Seriously, all the leaders from the original trilogy from George Lucas were done well and realistic. A true experienced military leader does not need to keep screaming like an insecure soy kid like Kylo or Hux. That is for inexperienced idiots. Those who are capable rarely need to raise their voice. And the beauty of George, Jon, and Dave’s Stormtrooper is that they don’t need to have some panic attack and then start killing their own friends like Finn. If they want to have a trooper with some traumatic memory, you do Bill Burr in Mandalorian. I hope we get back the complexity back in Star Wars and remove the insecure soy SJW agendas from our beloved franchises.

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