Star Wars Black Series: 332nd Ahsoka’s Clone Trooper Figure Unboxing Photo Review

Please, stop. I can’t do this anymore… Army builders everywhere!! Hasbro’s going to kill my wallet!!

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Hasbro’s milking it again! Another army builder! And surely this mold will be used for another 5 or 6 years until Hasbro decides to make another mold and redo the entire process. Will I still buy them? Hell Yea! I am a sucker for army building!!

Honestly, I am not impressed with the helmet. The older versions were sharper. I mean, the edge of the mold especially the visor area is very soft. And this is a design issue but the orange paint looks off. It doesn’t look like the Clones painted them in a hurry. Instead, it does look like battle damage which isn’t the case.

I really did hope Hasbro would have given us an alternate regular 501st Phase 2 helmet but nope. It’s Hasbro. We do get two blasters but it’s really about time for Hasbro to give us an alternate hand option.

By the time when I finished the review video, I got my phase 1 Clone Trooper so I will have them side by side. I do like the original Clone figures but the new one does look more natural on the shoulder areas.

Having any troopers in the background does boost the diorama a lot. And I mean A LOT!

A diorama will add realism to any figure photography and the figures will further complement the diorama. But if you have space-filler figures like these Clone Troopers, it will further add to your diorama photography.
By the way, this diorama is a 1/12 scale Tantive IV hallway I’ve bought from Jazz Inc but because the surface was so rough, I needed to retouch it heavily. I am going to release a video on that so if you are planning to purchase one, I suggest you watch that video before.

The new Clone figures have a single joint for their knee and elbow which I do not mind as long as they can crouch. That said, the older Clone figure does have a better articulation on those areas due to be double joints.
However, one big issue is because the new Clone does not have a double joint on its knee, the knee protector is connected to the thigh armor, and therefore when it bends the knee, the black knee joint will be widely exposed. In short, it looks weird.

This Captain Rex is obviously the older body mold and I am not sure if Hasbro is going to release him in the new body mold version but it works perfectly. Version 1 of the Clone figures is more buffed so maybe that’s ok for commanders.

Honestly, after ordering 3 figures, I kind of regretted it because I probably will not take another photo of these guys again (unless Jesse is released). That said, after taking the photos, I was gladly to buy 3 of them. 

By the way, I go in-depth about the articulation and the sculpt in my video so I would strongly suggest you come by if you are considering purchasing any new Clone Trooper figures. This figure is really a mixed bag for a lot of collectors.

And here comes the shadow…

I am sure Hasbro will one day release a Clone War version of Darth Maul since he’s so popular. But honestly, I’d like Bandai to release him. In fact, I would love all the major characters to be released by Bandai so that we can have an option to choose from.

Overall, I don’t really think this is a pure upgrade. The helmet lacks in detail and due to it being a soft material, it distorts quite a bit. Overall proportion is nice but the knee gap when it bends is too visible. Adding, Hasbro did increase $3 for these figures and cut down the cost by making it single jointed so maybe at least give us an alternate regular helmet and or give us extra pairs of hands? I really think Hasbro is behind when it comes to accessories compared to any other company.

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