Star Wars 1/6 Scale Tantive IV Diorama

Photo taken on March 15, 2018
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Perhaps this is the best action figure photo I took in my life. Well, up to 2018 I must add because who knows what I can get in the future.
This beautiful 1/6 scale Tantive IV diorama is made by legendary Joost from JazzInc. Look at the presence! Well, I am sure your eyes will automatically go to Darth Vader but I mean the diorama is adding so much to the photo. Darth Vader is from Hot Toys. I use Hot Toys and Medicom Stormtroopers and Sideshow Collectibles Rebel fighters. Joost loved my photo so much that it is now been used on his website. You can purchase one right now until it becomes sold out.
Here is the link to his awesome 1/6 scale dioramas.

I must be honest in my reviews. The one I got was the Ultimate version. Which means it’s longer and bigger than the default one. So it’s expensive. And if you live in Canada, the shipping cost is a nightmare. But the final result is as you have seen in my photo. One thing I must really inform is that the consoles on the walls are a bit rough. The pillars and the walls are very very smooth but when all those consoles not matching the color and texture, it does break the illusion of the scene. So I would suggest filling the roughness of all those consoles. Do not sand it. It won’t disappear. The small holes will keep popping out when you sand the surface. You need to fill the holes on the surface of the console to make it smooth. And then spray paint them. I was in a hurry so I had no time doing that. And now I totally regret it. It is going to cost you time and energy to make it perfect but that is something you will be doing with every diorama. Joost is offering you a chance to have an awesome diorama. It’s beautiful all alone. But if you want to be super accurate, you will need to add more time to it. But if you are worried, go take a look at my photos again. For 99% of everybody, it’s perfect as it is. Just I am in the 1% and I should have modified it. This a second to none diorama for Tantive IV.