Star Wars 1/6 Scale Millennium Falcon Diorama Jazzinc After-Service Report

Sorry for the late report

This is an after-service report of the defected 1/6 scale Millennium Falcon Cockpit diorama from Jazz Inc Diorama. If you haven’t watched the original video, it’s awesome.…

Now, there were quite major defects with the diorama I’ve received. There were several huge cracks, LED and soundboards are broken, chairs were broken, and paints were chipping there and here. A lot of people demanded a follow-up video and I am very sorry that it took this long to do so. I after service isn’t fully completed yet. But Joost (creator) sent me spare parts and it finally arrived on January 7th so I decided to inform what I spoke with Joost and do an unboxing on what I received.

Now, I did hear several people receiving defects and they were harassed badly by cult-like followers of this brand and I feel enormously disgusted by such actions while they never bought this expensive diorama and faced an unpromised item. For those who’ve watched my original video, you see me very optimistic with this item even when I deserve to be very angry or upset. And those who were upset are rightfully so unless you tell me you wouldn’t complain about getting $100 food at a restaurant that had broken glasses inside. (The falcon diorama is $1300 USD plus shipping plus import fee).

This is a video not only about the after-service but for those who were harassed and disappointed for buying a defective item and got attacked for their legitimate criticism.

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The video will be available on  Feb 22, 2021, at 1:00 PM.
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