Star Wars 1/6 Scale Millennium Falcon Cargo Bay Diorama from Jazzinc Dioramas: Unboxing Photo Review

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Fellow Star Wars collector, here is another sweet treasure! It’s a 1/6 Scale Millennium Falcon Cargo Hold Diorama from Jazzinc Dioramas. Let’s review the diorama piece by piece, shall we?

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We will receive two ground pieces where one of them has a cutout like what we see in the movie. Just be very careful! This thing is quite fragile and can break easily. Adding, the surface will scratch with the smallest friction.

The white dirt-like things you see between the panel line is due to the cutting procedure. To clean this, you will need to actually sand the panel. But if you don’t want to bother, you can say “this is Han’s ship. What do you expect?” and just rest in piece with it.

You will also get a very big and HEAVY background wall. The details are great. Now the paint isn’t precise or clean. It’s quite rough as many mentioned in the Millennium Falcon Cockpit diorama from the same manufacturer. But the major concern I have is that the hallway you see is actually a printed paper. It’s a normal thin paper so it will easily rip. And the paper wasn’t glued aligned to the ground so it has a dent due to that. Hope this was actually a thicker board. Just a minor accident can ruin the entire hallway photo.

That all said, even if the painting isn’t precise, the detail is great! And Joost claims that he used the Star Wars Blueprint book so it’s as accurate as it can be. And if you light it properly, and I mean this scene was very dark in the movie, you will not notice much of the miss paint at all.

Next comes the couch. And these are two pieces. And I don’t want to keep pointing this out but I must be a fair reviewer. The paint is very off on the button you see at the top areas of the couch. Jazzinc Dioramas are fantastic in their detail and proportion but because they are not professionally skilled in the painting area, you should expect that there will be pros and cons to their work. But what company wouldn’t? Mafex almost always has QC issues even when they charge the highest price in the market. Hasbro and Neca are godly when it comes to their poor distribution. So for Jazzinc Dioramas, it’s the paint they come short but I would prove to you that that isn’t much of a problem later on in this review.

The couch is very very heavy. And if you did purchase this diorama and haven’t assembled them yet, YOU MUST ADD A CUSHION under the couch or be super careful to place this on the floor part. This couch will easily scratch the floor and once that is done, it’s done.
One amazing secret this couch has is that it actually lids up! The round semi-transparent design on the button area of the couch will spark white once you install the battery and hit the button that is located behind the couch.

Now, add the table, and the majority of the assembling is done. And the table is filled with a lot of details that I did not even notice watching the film. But there are lines on the surface of the table that I am not sure what it is. Probably this table was cut by a machine and these lines were made during the process. Much like how a rough 3D printer leaves lines on their printed item.

If you do have the Sideshow Collectible’s Falcon Table which came with those alien chess pieces, you can put those on here and further boost the atmosphere too!

Compared to the Sideshow one, Jazzinc one does look more accurate because I don’t remember the table been that shiny. However, you do not see those lines on the surface for the Sideshow version so if you do have both of them, you can try swapping them around.

Finally, we have a wall piece behind the couch. The window you see isn’t actually a window but a hollow hole with a printed background paper stuck behind. And for the same reason, it will rip easily so be very careful!

The back wall of the couch actually sits on top of the couch but because the couch isn’t necessarily leveled, this heavy back wall can easily fall and break. However, Jazzinc did provide a double-sided tape for you to stabilize this background to anywhere you like to stick on. So please use the double-sided tape if you don’t want a nightmare in the future.

The full assembly is very easy. Stress-free unless you drop the wall or something. Each part is very heavy but if you are extra careful, then you should do fine.

There are those who collect only the diorama and not the figure at all. But most of the time, the diorama is bought as a background for the figures. And both the figure and the diorama will complement each other.

Once the figures are in place, you really don’t see the miss paint or flaws of the diorama. The same applies to the figure, even if something’s off with the figure, the background will blend everything together.

I mean, would you be paying attention to each of those buttons behind Chewbacca? Yes, the paint is so thick and in your face color but your eyes will naturally go toward the figure and even if your eyes are looking at the figure, you miss some of the error in that figure since the background is also adding so many details for your eyes to absorb. Like I didn’t even notice Chewbacca’s shoulder belt was off!

The actual scene in the movie is way darker so if you are a Master rank Star Wars collector, you may even want to mimic the lighting too. And in such a case, flaws will no longer be visible. And the actual movie props aren’t that well made too. The prop department will only make things that are visible in the camera lens. So the back part of this couch will not be made and is probably hollow for the real thing.

Even props that are visible from the lens will not give proper detail or painting if it’s so far from the camera because those details will not show. So if you do receive a diorama that isn’t painted too well or so, do not worry. Once you add your figures and light the scene like how it was in the movie, all those imperfections will disappear.

That said, for dioramas that are meant to be lid with a lot of light like the Tantive IV, any minor thing can scream in your eyes. But for this Cargo Hold diorama, I am quite happy about it. Besides I am probably using more than twice the light intensity compared to the movie set.

Here’s an example. It’s quite dark.

Chewie’s noticing something…

Yup! It’s  Jedi! Why wouldn’t he notice!? He was with one of the best Jedi Master ever!! Cheese Obi-Wan!

Hey, Chewie, make sure you lecture Han that Jedi did exist. In fact, Jedi was a thing and the public knew about them not so long ago. Didn’t Han learn about Jedi Perge in the Imperial academy?

Star Wars is also unique for that time since the main protagonist Luke didn’t actually get a girlfriend! Most heroes do. But his character was built around his own mental growth and that was beautiful.

In the film. We see Han falling in love with Leia first and then they both do the cat and mouse game. But in reality, they were in love. And that chemistry did leak out into the film.

I love this photo. I truly do. That is an eye of love. And I wish one day someone can offer us a custom head for these two to recreate this photo. Well, not really since Hot Toys figure falls short in the articulation area.

I love the kick-ass Hoth Leia the most! Bad Ass Queen!! Wait, she’s officially a Disney princess, isn’t she? Don’t try to deny that! How dare you not accepting her in the princess line!? And if there were one princess to lead the entire princess members, it will obviously be Leia. She’s confident, smart, fast action taking, and a great leader! Not only Han and Luke but even Chewie don’t talk against her!

Slightly changing the topic, I love this photo the most. And I tried to mimic it with the Falcon Cockpit but I failed simply because there’s no custom head sculpt with these expressions. If someone makes a set, please let me know!!

And my beautiful two droids will match with almost any diorama and they are the best to close any review. By the way, my wife calls me C-3PO since I am skinny and I walk like him. But others tell me I am R2 because I have the “FXXX this SHXX” attitude once I am put in a situation where I must take action. From time to time when I faced danger, I armed myself and went to confront the situation. But my wife is literally R2. She’s small and she will beat me around if she’s unhappy. What wife won’t right? So I am C-3Po always in front of her. We need to get the Cargo couch one day lol. Jazzinc Dioramas need to inform us if they are making a full-scale Falcon couch lol.

Oh, and this diorama is only 1/4 of the entirety of the Cargo Hold area of the Falcon. And Jazzinc is going to make the entire Cargo Hold diorama and he’s taking preorder just right now! So if you are interested, order one before the preorder close!

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