S.H.Figuarts: Wonder Woman 84 Figure Unboxing Photo Review

I will fight for those who cannot fight for themselves

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One thing I love about S.H.Figuarts is that they do not waste your shelf space. They only make the box big enough, or I mean small enough to have the figures protected. And I hope other companies learn from that because the unnecessary big box is major problems for us collectors.

She’s gorgeous!
The proportion is spot on and the articulation is decent.

Look at that face print! The best female face print from Bandai for sure! And THE best Gal Gadot figure definitely!

She comes with two lassoes of Truth but sadly we do not get her God Killer Sword and shield. But if you do have the Mafex one, she can equip them with no problem.

Total of four pairs of hands (fist hands are preinstalled). Good enough for most occasions.

I love the bright red and blue armor she got this time. Beautiful! I’ve added a spark effect to recreate bullets bouncing off her bracers.

Due to her skart, she can’t bend her legs much but she can still do some kick-ass actions!

She also comes with her lasso of truth! Good to catch some ghosts to help the team! That said, I don’t know the Ghostbusters distinguish ghosts from demon since they call everything a ghost and demon.

What’s missing is her sword and shield! Not sure why she didn’t come with one so I am using the ones from Mafex WW. Maybe she doesn’t get one in the 84 movie?

WW is probably one of the most battle experienced warrior females in DC. I am even sure she will even knock out Captain Marvel simply due to her combat experience. And I am sure Thor and WW would love to fight together if they had a chance.

One thing we know about WW is she is very much a lady. Depending on which version, she did date Batman and Superman, and what both have in common is that they are true gentlemen and a great leader. I am sure she would have chosen Steve Roger if she was in Marvel.

This was such a gorgeous figure. I loved it. The face print technology was great and proportion did very well! She could have gotten a bit more accessories but overall, I am happy to buy this one. Looking forward to her Gold suit version coming next year!

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