Photo Review 02: Jazzinc Diorama 1/6 Scale Millennium Falcon

Photo was taken on august 18, 2020

The biggest reason I stayed collecting action figures is because of this.

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I can create my own story. My own world. I can bring in heroes and villains from all other franchises and do whatever I like to do. No movie or comic book can top your imagination. And if you do have a kick-ass diorama like the one here from Jazzinc Diorama, the world you made become much more REAL.

Don’t get me wrong. I have no hobby in action figure romance. But if Han and Leia are in the Falcon, I am expected to take this photo.

I am also expected to let 3PO interrupt too lol.

The beauty with this diorama is that the back door stage can be used to recreate so many scenes from the film.

Endless possibilities with your endless imagination.

Or you can make your own scene with your favorite choices.

Yes, yes, it isn’t Hoth but I cannot avoid but to toy around with my figures to recreate my favorite scene.

And if you are lucky to have the Hot Toys Chewie and Han, you also cannot resist making a scene with the walking carpet been upset at Han for making him do all the repairs lol.

Seriously, this diorama is so versatile. I can play around forever!
I keep repeating but if you do have spare money and space, this is a must to get diorama from Joost!

You can check out Joost’s diorama here:
Jazzinc Diorama:

Sadly, these two never met in the Clone War but if they have, I am sure they would have talked about Yoda.

We all understand that the prequel was made after the original trilogy so there are few glitches here and there.

Like Han was around during the Clone War and Jedi using the force was a very well known thing. What? Maybe not everyone believed it? Well, Han had Chewie WHO WAS LITERALLY FIGHTING WITH THE BEST GREEN LITTLE JEDI so I am sure he would have slapped Han and told him about the force. Yup, Han, don’t embarrass your walking carpet friend in front of a Jedi master ok?

When I was enjoying playing around with this diorama, I realized how much Leia was crucial. Yes, I knew she was a badass leader from the start. But playing with this diorama really reinforced that idea. Any scene you put her in, Leia will be the dominant control. She is the driving force. It’s her who gives the orders. She is the leader of the trio. She is the face of the rebellion. And she didn’t need the force to be a kick-ass badass woman. Take note, Disney. You kinda suck at that arena. And I am a shareholder of Disney so NO, I am not a Disney hater but one who actually supports the company.

I cannot stop praising this diorama. Yes, mine was a major defect. No sound, LED is failing, cracks there, and here, some stuff is broken (see my unboxing review post for details) but I am too old to be too critical. I had a lot of fun taking photos and I only touched the tip of the iceberg. Like I can introduce countless characters from other franchises and keep going. I can put in Batman, Spiderman, Ironman, Kamei Rider, Terminator, whatever and I will want more. THAT IS WHAT SUCCESSFUL DIORAMA IS. And here it is.
Regarding the issues with my Millennium Falcon, I will update you all as soon as I hear from him. He’s quite busy and I run and own two companies myself so I understand how time gets short all the time. So maybe it’ll take another week or so for a reply. If your diorama comes with an issue, just stay cool. Every business gets a bump but it doesn’t mean anyone wanted one to happen.
I have other dioramas from Jazzinc Diorama which can be found on my older post but I will be doing a new photo shooting for them too.
A Youtube review and unboxing video below!

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