Nendoroid: Mega-Man / Rock-Man Figure Unboxing Photo Review

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Brilliantly simple and I do love the matching blue theme on the box. But I do say this every time. Can everyone make the box smaller and not waste space? S.H.Figuarts is still the king of box size as they never waste your space.

Now, in the west, we call him Mega-Man while in Japan, we call him Rock-Man. I am used to the name Rock-Man and I call him so in my video review but here, I will refer to him as Mega-Man since it’s in English. The figure does have limited articulation due to it being Nendoroid but I do like the overall proportion.

Decent accessories. Just that it is always a pain to switch arm and leg parts just to mimic articulation. We have Nendoroid that actually has an elbow and knee joint. I hope that would be the norm as swapping these parts makes you not want to do it at all. Other than that, I think he comes with everything you need.

In Japan, there’s a major divide regarding this figure. It’s the overall design. Well, I mean the design is Mega-Man but the problem is that because his proportion is almost identical to the game, the fans wanted Max Factory to match that. He’s more of a poster/anime version face slapped on the game proportion. 

It is only a slight difference but since he’s such an iconic character, that makes all the difference. The Smash Brother version is known to be one of the best or THE BEST 3D version of Mega-Man known for the Japanese fans and the figure above is also known to be the most definitive version of his figure form. Yes, he has more detail than what he did in the original game but the fans are talking about the overall proportion plus his face.

And I do agree. The Nendoroid version seems to mix both the game and the poster/anime look of Mega-Man. We see companies doing this and hope both sides of the fans accept. But most of the time, taking half measure brings more device than anything. It’s like making Darth Vader figure and not doing a dedicated version but mix and match from every version. Fans simply want a specific version.

There are fans who are way more specific. Like some say his helmet is too low. His foot is too small and such and such. I think if they fixed the face, that would satisfy 90% of the fandom. I hope one day I can come around and do that.

Smash Brother again!! I no longer play any more game but if I still had time for it, I’d smashed it with Mega-Man for sure.

I just can’t wait for the day I do my Smash Brother figure collection review. It’s coming my friends. I just need a bit more figures. By the way, any chance to rerelease the Donky Kong figure? Please Nintendo??

Shoryuken! But if you E-Can Carbie, would that neutralize the damage? Wouldn’t it be awesome you can smash around your friend but they don’t actually get hurt due to E-Can? That would be so much fun!!

Overall, I do like the figure. Just his arm and leg keep popping off so it’s a bit of a nightmare. I won’t suggest anyone getting this figure since it’s so much stress playing with him. It’s more like a fragile statue to me than anything else. That said, his shock face is very accurate to the game looks so I am sure fans would be happy with this face plate at least. I think I’ll leave him with this lol. But this concludes my current collection for Nendoroid. I got something a bit special next. It’s a diorama piece and I am sure you all be happy once my review is out!! Stay tuned!

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