My Hero Academia Figma: Shoto Todoroki Figure Unboxing Photo Review

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Shonen Jump was in a long slump. A very very long slump. But today, it seems like new authors are bringing the old ideas and adding refreshing thoughts into it. Many authors try to replicate the “Oudou style”. A successful format has done repeatedly but very few succeed. And it seems My Hero Academia is definitely one of them that is.

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Todoroki is a typical “elite member with a cool mind yet there is a burning feeling within himself” character. Sasuke from Naruto is in a similar genre but this character is unique in the way that the author did not make him linger with his anger too long. He made him face his feeling fast without making him drag forever. Now his main arc is completed, he will need to settle something else like a family matter to have further character growth. And I look forward to seeing that (btw I didn’t read the manga since I have no access to it today under my schedule).

I think the proportion is spot on as usual. Deku and Kacchan were also great and Todoroki fits right in!

Todoroki comes with an ice effect and fire effect as well as two extra head sculpts. There isn’t much difference between his default face and the additional face plate but the additional one is slightly smiling.

Hard to see from here but it seems Deku’s head is slightly but definitely bigger than his classmate figures and that does bother me a bit. It looks out of place. I would gladly replace it if Figma releases the 2.0 version if this can be fixed.

There are a lot of characters that use both fire and water power in Japan but most of them do the same thing and we still haven’t seen Todoroki using his power in a way that separates him from all other fire and water power users. Because the author is greatly influenced by Marvel and DC comics, I am sure he can input something original that no Japanese author tried before.

Todoroki figure articulates very well much like how Deku figure did. Unlike the Kacchan figure that came with insane levels of QC issues, Todoroki had absolutely no issues at all.

After Akira Toriyama made tournament battle an icon of all Shonen manga, My Hero Academia took that to full advantage. Both Goku and Deku did not win in their first tournament. Hell, Goku only won in his 3rd challenge. That makes it further rewarding. So I can see Deku losing again in his next tournament.

Because Deku and Todoroki articulate so well, it’s so much fun blasting them in the ring. The tournament battle is surely one of the most exciting things we can enjoy in both manga and figure.

By using the fire and ice effect you collected from other figures and accessories, you will just forget how much time has passed. It’s just too much fun!

Kacchan, or Bakugo uses explosives so it would have been so much fun playing with them but because Todoroki figure has too many major QC issues in its articulation, it was more like stress to me posing him. It could be just mine and I hope so. No collector must deal with this level of nightmare.

A lot of My Hero Academia characters are acrobatic so we can enjoy doing crazy poses and that is what makes figure diorama so much fun!

So, overall, this is a nice figure to have if you are a My Hero Academia fan. And the entire proportion seems to be upgraded from Deku making Todoroki more natural and anime accurate. Deku’s figure is great too but due to his slightly larger head, it feels a bit off. I am happy that Max Factory is constantly upgrading their work. Now, where is Froggie? We need Froggie!

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