Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Lightning Collection: Zordon & Alpha 5 Figures Unboxing Photo Review


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I finally got these two! Zordon and Alpha 5! This was an exclusive for Walmart or Target. In Canada, where I live, it was not sold anywhere nor it was not planned but luckily one of the online stores had it and I jumped on it.

And You can’t complete your Power Rangers member without Zordon and Alpha. How can you? Without these two, there were no Power Rangers.

Alpha is amazing. This is my most favorite figure in this entire Lightning Collection. The details are phenomenal! And he has a lot of color variation. Not only different colors but he also has a different level of sheen and that’s insane for a side character. Seriously, he is the best figure I ever got in this entire line. Oh! And he comes with a mini Alpha Chewie!

He also has great articulation. I have zero things to say bad about this figure. Look at this head! The caterpillar-like design is so detailed. It’s crazy!!

And comes Zordon. I didn’t care much because he’s puny. I Hasbro cannot give us a scale accurate Zordon but I was ok without Zordon if he’s going to be small. However! He actually lids up! And that’s what makes him special!!

Here we go! Zordon summoning his rangers. And if you turn the room lights off and added some small LED lights around Zordon, you can make him look a bit more intimidating.

Alpha 5 is like Alfred from Batman to me. No, he is nothing near Alfred’s capability but he’s someone you need as a side character. He’s iconic. Way too iconic to ignore your chance of getting him.

Oh, and if you have Zordon, you must have Lord Drakkon! I love the Shutter Grid comic series.

Don’t worry, I am doing a separate review on Lord Draccon and Ranger Slayer. But before I do that, I must offer my review on the full Mighty Morphin Power Rangers figure collection!

I think everyone knows what I feel about this set. I am just simply happy getting my hands on it. Especially, Alpha 5. He reminds me C-3PO and C-3PO is my favorite in the Star Wars franchise. Now, if you are a Canadian like myself, I wish you all the luck in finding Alpha 5. Unlike the states where he was sold at the store, like most Hasbro action figures, this set never came so do not try hunting him in any physical store. The best bet is eBay at this moment but keeps your eyes open and you may find one like me by luck.

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