Marvel Legends Spider-Man: Carnage Figure Unboxing Photo Review

maximum carnage!!

Ok, so Marvel Legends did a Carnage in Venom BAF wave. Revoltech did one. And then Mafex did one but we got another one from Marvel Legends. What’s with the Carnage demand all of the sudden!?!?!

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Hey! But not to be disappointed! This Carnage isn’t like any other Carnage! It’s the MAXIMUM CARNAGE Carnage! A lot of Carnage I said there!

And honestly, I am very happy with this Carnage figure. Besides, I think it’s a completely new sculpt. And unlike the previous ML Carnage, all those black veins all over his body are actually sculpted. And because it’s so random, it feels very… “I do not want to touch this” vibe because my fingers aren’t used to such a random plastic design. And I think that’s a good thing for Carnage.

Now, this Carnage does not come with any sharp-edged weapons like axes and such like the previous ML Carnage but we do get an additional Maximum Carnage head and an extra tentacle that you can connect to his back.

And I love this Carnage. The materials used for the body are super soft so I do worry about how it will do in the future but he’s way more detailed than the previous one and his face looks much more accurate to the comic. If you have the original Carnage, you may be able to use his accessory hands on this one too!

And unlike the Mafex one that just got released, both Carnage heads for ML actually has their mouth sculpted. This was my deciding factor in purchasing this Carnage and avoided the Mafex one.

As you can see, the Mafex one above has it’s mouth painted. Now, as a comic reader, this is quite accurate to how he was drawn in the early days. Carnage appeared in the 90s but his mouth was drawn like this on the very early stage and the artist begins to draw the actual mouth right after so I was hoping Mafex to give us a sculped mouth instead.
That said, LOOK AT THAT CLETUS KASADY HEAD SCULPT!!! Man, that’s beautiful and I do like the simple body design of Mafex. I may have to go buy this after all.

I love the Alex Ross painted version of Iron Man from ML but…

Nooope! I would love to see Mafex tackling the comic accurate version Iron-Man, Cap, and all the other Avengers members.

But seriously, I really do not mind taking this as my absolute Carnage. He’s that well sculpted. A bit too glossy? Well, he’s supposed to imagine blood so, in a way, I can have that slide. And if you do buy more than one, you can make your Absolute Carnage army too!

I can hear the scream coming from Deadpool meeting a gruesome-looking Carnage. And I am sure Carnage wouldn’t like it.

And I am sure Carnage will simply decapitate Deadpool and then just walk away realizing Deadpool will recover and just go back to screaming again.

It’s a nice figure. I got him for $29.99 since I live in Canada but Revoltech and Mafex ones will be much more expensive. Yes, Japanese products are godly level far superior when it comes to the quality, accessories, and all other things (minus the crappy Mafex QC issues) but unless you want something very specific from Carnage, this figure will do absolutely fine in my eyes.

What? You’ve missed buying the previous Carnage, Revoltech Carnage or Mafex Carnage? NO PROBLEM AT ALL!! You can still grab this one on Amazon or BBTS or where ever. He’s a very good default standard Carnage with an option to change him to the Absolute Carnage version too.