Marvel Legends: Red Hulk Figure Unboxing Photo Review

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Red Hulk SMASH!!
Yes, yes. This figure is old for US collectors but it just arrived in Canada. And I was nothing but lucky finding this in the wild.

The mold is exactly the same as the regular Hulk. The only unique sculpt is the head and I hope Hasbro would have offered us both head sculpt for Red and Green Hulk…

We do get two sets of hands. Can we also get the same treatment for all the Marvel Legends and Star Wars Black Series too Hasbro? No?

For those who have read the comic, Red Hulk is no joke. By default, he is stronger than the regular Hulk but the scary thing is, he is clever and strategic too. He would be a serious Avenger level threat.

And I must play on my wrestling stage! These figures are huge and heavy that the spring mechanism of the stage keeps pumping the figures up! LOL

You can imagine I was having a lot of fun but because of the spring mechanism of the stage, I needed to be super careful. I must say I was quite tired of taking photos with these two.

Oops, I haven’t spoken anything about the figure itself! In short, this guy is a brick. Due to the muscle mass, articulation is compromised. That said, it is still far superior to any Neca figures when it comes to pose-ability.

The elbow and the knee come nowhere near 90 degrees but due to his size, you can still give him an intimidating aura. 

In the end, Banner Hulk becomes much stronger. I mean, he got such a massive power boost in the Immortal Hulk series. You hear me right. It is impossible to kill Hulk now. Absolutely no-no. And he is also the vessel of The One Below All who is probably slightly below The One Above All. I sense Marvel is going to make Hulk the biggest villain in Marvel comic history.

The major reason why I started collecting 6-inch figure line is that I can mix and match with so many different franchises. I can make my own multiverse. Luke Skywalker versus Thanos? Why not!? Let your creative freedom go wild!

It seems Poo isn’t happy about the bet he did. These guys are from Revoltech and I will be doing their review sometime in the near future too.

So, what do I think about the Red Hulk? It’s another simple rehash from Hasbro but a welcome one. Its funny that I am actually having fun with a figure that is literally just painted differently (>o<)

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