Marvel Legends: Frog Man Figure Unboxing Photo Review

lol what did i buy? XD

No, seriously, what did I buy? LOL
But more precisely, Hasbro, what did you even release?
Yes, I know. Its Frog-Man. And I can’t stop laughing when I say that name. Honestly, I don’t know much about Frog Man since he’s a D or E or even F level villain and he’s more like a joke. But I just couldn’t pass on such a weird and retro-looking figure. It was an automatic buy for me!

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I can’t stop bursting into laughter! Thank you, Hasbro! This figure makes my day!

Look at that! Its… Its, it’s… IT’S FROG-MAN! My god, he’s perfect! Careful everyone! Kermit got pissed! Look at that zone-out eye and he will drag your soul to an endless void!!

I am usually happy when Hasbro gives us two pairs of hands but for this character, why aren’t we getting a webbed hand? I know I know, he never came with one in the comic but man we seriously need a pair of stupid web hand!

Ppppleaase! Stop! Don’t stare at me!! You’re like Medusa but much more deadly! I am suffocating from endless laugh!!

My god, anyhow, one thing I must say is even with a comical appearance, what Hasbro did great was the face peeking out from the frogmouth. That does look menacing and is quite cool. Even with such a laughable costume, that angry face inside does tell you he’s not here to joke around.

That said, even if you ain’ here to joke, it doesn’t change the fact that you are a joke against most superheroes. Well, I was kind to even say “most”. Frog-Man can be takedown by regular folks.

His only ability is his super jump generated by spring installed in his boots. Yup, you heard me right. A damn spring installed boots. Whoever invented this character surely has some iron heart. By the way, Frog-Man cannot walk straight due to his spring boots. No, I ain’t joking. And Eugine, the guy inside the suit is supposed to be a genius. 

Due to the costume design, and Hasbro’s great job, Frog-Man looks adorable even when he is getting his ass kicked.

Seriously, it is hard to find any hero that struggles against Frog-Man. But have you ever heard of a Kite-Man from DC? Yup, he is a regular dude who uses a kite. Even someone like him got better treatment in the recent era. Maybe Frog-Man could be a better villain if he is used properly? Nah, we love to see this frog tossed around instead.

Frog-Man and Kite-Man are both labeled as Supervillain even when they could be dealt with by civilians. This proves how important Frog-Man is. It means you can be a Supervillain even you suck at being one! The only thing you need is a campy costume and a ridiculous name! Frog-Man is a living (?) example and hope for those who would want to be a supervillain.

Overall, I love this figure. It’s weird and I cannot find much use for my diorama photography but it screams at me to keep it. And as long as I keep collecting, this fat frog will always be in my action figure arsenal. 

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