Mafex: Batman HUSH Figure Unboxing Photo Review

i am the vengeance, i am the night, i am batman!!

Batman from Mafex is finally here!

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We’ve all waited for this Mafex Batman and it’s finally here!!
Well, most of you go this figure a while ago but mine just arrived a few days ago…

And was the wait worth it?
MOST DEFINITELY! And this Batman isn’t holding back on his accessories. Nope, he is not!

Now, I do suggest you do watch my Youtube video for my review on the articulation and such but I will tell you, this Batman is one awesome action posing figure. He is dynamic and LOOK AT THAT CAPE ACTION TOO!

This Batman design is modernized but it has the beautiful 80s look too. The color isn’t also too bright and it’s beautiful! I do miss the long pointy ear but that is a preference thing and many won’t mind the shorter eared version.

And this figure surely can show off a lot of kick-ass action scenes too!
I love that Mafex gave us the Batarang claws. Something like this can boost your play factor a lot! By the way, the Wolverine is also from Mafex and both of them do not come with any special effect piece.

He also comes with a throwing Batarang too. His cape has 4 wires and that’s enough for you to do almost anything with it.

And even detective Conan would fanboy in front of the cape crusader like Judy here. Why wouldn’t he? Batman IS the best detective in the world. Please don’t kill me for saying that. I know Sherlock is the template of all detective heroes and there are so many Conan fans too but Batman solved universal threats too many times. And since Batman invents his gadgets, I am sure he can solve almost crime.

Ok, ok! Fine fine! It’s his prep time that makes Batman so capable. And yes, Batman died in the DCeased series when he was bitten by a zombie before he had prep time to solve the zombie pandemic. So without prep time, he would fall. But again, wouldn’t any other detective fall in such a case?

And you can’t blame Judy for falling in love with Batman. He is a magnet to attract ladies.

The great thing with the Batman figure is that unlike Superman, you can have him side to side with other non-super power beings, and it doesn’t look off. Superman is physically so capable that having him with other regular human characters will cast a shadow on them but Batman complements others instead. Having the Bat with the best negotiator Roger is quite exciting.

We can also have Batman disappointed seeing officials who are not so capable too.

Yes, it happened. They have a crossover for just a short period of time but it was awesome seeing red back to back with the Batman. Batman didn’t have many lines but the Hellboy crossover comic really respected the character. It is still one of my favorite crossover comics.

Like Spiderman, Batman can be flying around, flipping around, or punching and kicking on the ground. He is such a versatile character that whatever he does, he does it well. Hell, he can look menacing just by standing in the shadow. That’s who Batman is!

Speaking of Spiderman, they crossed over too! And their first encounter was hilarious. Spidey was trying to be friendly and asked for a handshake but Batman just stared at him and left. They are such a great dynamic.

Spiderman isn’t a troll-like Deadpool but he can do something that gets on other people’s nerves from time to time. I think it’s his way to get closer and become friendlier with others.

Well, fxxx that. Batman doesn’t like to become friends with anyone.
This figure comes with two hands with the grappling gun and two grappling hooks. One short and one long.

If you have the DC Direct Batman Animated Series Bat Cave, it works perfectly with your Mafex Batman. Oh, did I mention? This figure comes with an unmasked Bruce Wayne’s head. There will be a black version of this Batman coming from Mafex next year but that one comes with a base instead.

And yes, they also cross over. And Batman single-handedly defeated all four turtles but that was expected. It was nice seeing Batman fighting with the Shredder in the “Batman vs. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles” animated film. Shredder was treated like a simple weekly villain most of the time in the early TMNT cartoon but that animated crossover showed how Shredder was capable.

Now, Batman on Gargoyle has been done so many times but if you are a comic book fan of Batman, you probably have seen the legendary statue from Randy Bowen somewhere. Well, that was like 30 years ago but his work has inspired many Batman on Gargoyle statues so you have seen works that were inspired by him somewhere. That statue was so striking that it left a great impact on me and I needed to do something similar here to express my love for that piece of art.

And here are a simple comparison between different version of Batman from different lines. It’s interesting that so many styles of Batman exists and it all works. That is also what proves how successful this character is. You can interpret him in many ways.

This is perhaps the BEST articulated Batman figure ever existed until now.
His proportion is great. Articulation is wonderful. You get a generous amount of accessories and his wired cape is awesome! We have been receiving so many different Batman from other brands but if you must pick one, I say this Mafex Batman is your holy grail. Well, I am talking in general of course. Mafex released the comic book The Dark Knight Returns version out and S.H.Figuarts and Mezco are releasing the legendary 89 Batman and they all look amazing. It is a good year for a Batman collector.
The next figure review is a very simple one.
Hasbro Black Series Carbonite Han Solo. I say it’s a simple one since… It’s literally a solid piece of plastic brick lol.
After that, I will be doing Mafex The Dark Knight Returns Batman followed by S.H.Figuarts 84 Wonder Woman. And YES, I will be doing S.H.Figuarts 89 Batman as well!

Stay tuned!!

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