LIM TOYS AEHAB S++ Version: Action Figure Photography Unboxing Super Review

It’s finally here. Yes, we have been all waiting for this beautiful figure for a very long time but the time we waited is irrelevant as long as what we get was promising.
And this figure is BEAUTIFUL.

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Sna… I mean Aehab comes with 3 different versions. S++, A++, and B++ versions. In short, S++ comes with everything the A++ and B++ come with so I went with this one.

Now Snak… Aehab! Come out and show off your awesomeness!

Frack! Go back! Go back!!

Lim Toys is a relatively new company that started with a 1/6 scale figure but the most known item was their LIM TOYS LIM001 Snake Ismael & Aehab deluxe. In short, they focus on the Metal Gear franchise. However, it seems like they are shifting toward a 1/12 scale and I welcome that since that usually means more items to be released due to cost cuts.

Now, what you get is NEVER what you see in the advertisement when it comes to the action figures. Usually, the prototypes are far better in painting and details and that is no different for this item but I must say IT’S SUPERB. Unless it’s a custom painted item, it is very difficult to beat this level of quality for mass-produced figures. This Ismael & Aehab S++ figure is definitely one of the BEST LOOKING 1/12 scale figures out there. 

Now, let’s start with the box. WHAT’S IN THE BOX!? Pure awesomeness and that starts with this box itself. Clean matte black with gold embossed lettering is a classic. And the best thing about it is that the box is relatively small compared to other brands. Just, for example, I placed Hasbro’s GI Joe Classified Series Destro figure beside. Overall, Aehab box is bigger but Destro’s box is taller. And Aehab comes with a ton of accessories. The figure and the accessories are well protected and no space is wasted. Meanwhile, Hasbro 6″ figures don’t come with many accessories and a lot of space is wasted. And this applies to almost every western brand. And I must say, I hate boxes with empty space. It increases the shipping cost but the worst thing is, it takes a lot of real estate on my shelf to store. After several decades of collecting action figures, the box with wasted space becomes quite annoying. And Lim Toys impressed me before I even open the figure.

It’s amazing. I think this will be the next stage of 1/12 scale action figures. I mean, it looks very real for it’s size. Like a mini Hot Toys figure. And another reason why I am shifting toward 1/12 scale figure is because of this. A lot of companies are uping the quality and one day, the current 1/6 scale Hot Toys quality may be providable in the 1/12 scale. That is why I like to support this community.

Let’s appreciate for a while for this pure awesome looking figure.

The markings are well detailed too. Limtoys team is definitely obsessed in getting every details right!

The details are phenomenal! Look at that right arm scar!
And I never saw a figure in this size with such a detailed hair application. We need this for our Wolverine figures too.

It’s hard to see but once you zoom with your camera, it’s apparent that some of the details aren’t visible with your naked eyes. The scares are amazing and the wrinkles are very realistic.

Aehab comes with 3 different horn pieces. The problem is, the horn piece comes off from the peg easilyand because these horns are so small, once you lost it, it be gone for sure. The horn will never stay on on itself. Now, if you got the S++, you will be receiving a chicken helmet, and to have it on Aehab’s head, you will need to remove the horn so gluing the horn is out of the question. Blu-tac will not work since it’s just not enough to hold the horn in place.

Now I must inform you in advance. Aehab’s ponytail will break off easily. You can fix it by gluing it back. This figure has parts from several accessories coming off including the head peg but most of them can be restored by some crazy glue.

S++ version comes with one basic head, one full face mask, and a chicken helmet. Not sure how often you will pose your Aehab with a chicken head but it’s a good option to raise the play factor. Personally, I love the black full face mask. If I have several figures of Aehab, I can have one figure as Aehab and the rest of them can put on the full mask and do an army building.

We also get a detailed gas mask and a night vision goggle. The lens of the goggle is semi transparent so if you have it on your Aehab head, it adds to the realism. You can also put them on your full mask head to add variation on his looks.

I must remind you that the photo are super zoomed in. These are a very small piece and yet you can clearly see a sculped “A” mark on the mask. That is an insane level of detail. There are a lot of things I didn’t realize it was there until I took the photo and zoomed into them.

You can use these gas masks, night vision, and goggle for any other figures too.
Just be careful. John doesn’t like you messing around with his dog.

Aehab comes with several hand options. The right hands come with a relaxed hand, a fist hand, a cigar holding hand, and an awesome gun holding hand. The left robotic hands come with a relaxed hand, a rifle holding hand, a fist, and a V posing hand. Now if you purchase the S++ version, you will get a blue robotic arm as well as one relaxed hand and a V posting hand too.

The scarf has two bendy wires. I am sure the scarf we see on the promotional image is something different since it’s quite impossible to recreate that but it still does its job. Just that I hoped the scarf we received was a bit longer.

We get quite a bit of weapon choice for Aehab S++. 2 rockets included and removable GRM-11 rocket launcher, 2 rifles, an AM4 rifle, a handgun, submachine gun, and a knife. The bullet magazine can be removed for the submachine gun and for the 2 rifles.
Enough to take down an entire base.

The rifles and the machine gun is actually magnetized. It’s not strong but it will connect on to the metal part of the holster on the body which makes it looks like him carrying them on.

With so many great weapons, a handgun could be the last thing you will like to arm yourself but as a sidearm, it always got your back!

I love the blue silencer connected submachine gun. It reminds me of a water gun play day when I was a kid… Which I never had one.

Just have in mind that the stock feels brittle and can break off in ease. Maybe a bit too long for armrest support.

However, the other two rifles are brilliant. You can have the stock supporting on the shoulder and aim and pose perfectly. The details are crisp, the painting is clean and the way the figure can pose with them are realistic.

It is only me? But a rocket launcher always reminds me of Resident Evil and I LOVE IT! Just the scope comes off easily so I suggest you to glue it on before you lose the piece.

You will also receive a sticker of a soldier as well as a cardboard box that you will need to build yourself. And this cardboard box is huge! Compared to the cardboard box we got for Figma Snake, it’s massive!

Now, the praising stops around here.
The articulation isn’t as good as it looks.
I mean, the head and arms are well articulated. But everything else are quite bad.

The neck articulation is decent. Aehab won’t look up much so when you want him to crawl, he will be looking at the mud more than anywhere else.

The arm and the shoulder articulation is very good. You get more than 90 degees on the elbow and your shoulder will raise above the T pose.

But the pain starts here. There’s almost no ab crunch. I feel there is a joint inside the ab but the uniform and the gears are so stiff that there’s no possible way to twist or turn or crunch at all.

Body twist isn’t great but considering all that gears bulking on top of him, it’s understandable.

Aehab’s knee bends quite decently but his hip and thigh articulation are next to none. He can’t even crouch and that’s quite disappointing for a military figure because that’s some basic posing we would want from a soldier figure. This is probably because the way the uniform is made isn’t mimicking the real-life clothing.

However, since Limtoys is a new company, we can hope for this to be resolved in the future. Fixing the stitching method and apply the real-life cloth cutting will solve the hip and thigh articulation problem. To further enhance the articulation, a metal endoskeleton figure such as Phicen or TBLeague can definitely help but that would definitely increase the cost for sure. If this Aehab figure could have had a better thigh/hip articulation, it would of blown any military action figure brands regardless of the scale out from the water for sure.

By the way, Limtoys decided to give us two pairs of boots as compensation for the release day delay which is always something we should appreciate. They totally didn’t need to do it but they cared so much about their customer that they wanted to do something, unlike all other brands. I am looking at you Mafex!

The two pairs of boots are identical when it comes to the appearance but one of the pairs has a cut in the ankle to give it an ankle articulation while the other is a solid boot. It’s almost impossible to pose with the solid boots. The figure will keep falling even in just a standing position. However, the ankle cut version also doesn’t help much too. The figure keeps falling. Unless you have a stand or use a blu-tac on the bottom, this figure is destined to be on the ground for the sneak mission. The ankle cut will definitely add better posing that is for sure and if you do use a blu-tac, there shouldn’t be a problem. That said, I know this would be irritating for many.

The articulation problem comes with the right arm wrist as well.
I think Lim Toys wanted to push the realism so they got rid of any articulation on the gloved right hand. 

This works if the figure is a statue but this is an action figure. I think most of us would have appreciated a better articulation over anything in the joint areas. They did make a cut on the boots so if they can compromise that, they should be able to do so with the right-hand glove too. The left hand is robotic so we get a full range of movement.

Since this is their first 1/12 scale figure, I am sure Lim Toys will definitely resolve these problems in the near future.

Aehab comes with a lot of finely detailed gears. It could add some washes to bring out those beautiful details but no one should be complaining about it. This is a brilliant looking figure already. And a simple washing can be done easily anyways.

The water bottle clip is a bit loose that it keeps falling out from his back pants so becareful. The clip also comes off from the bottle peg so sure to glue it on.

I love the details on the tape player, D-Droid and projection effect. The watch is a bit bland and it kind of look like a clip instead. Because the watch wrist is so long, I didn’t recognize it as a watch at first.

But nothing beats this awesome cigarette with smoke effect. You need to be careful since it’s a bit brittle but having Snak… Aehab taking a break is pure awesomeness. And I like to share it with Revoltech Wolverine since he was supposed to get a cigar and he comes with a dedicated handpiece but due to Marvel banning smoking from their comic character, the cigar was removed.

Aehab is roughly 6 quarter inch or 15.4 CM in height. Slightly shorter than the Figma Snake figure.

Now, this Figma Snake figure is from 2015. And Figma one took advantage of the tactical suit design and gave it an incredible articulation that can mimic any posing from the game.

 Yes, the Limtoys version uses a cloth uniform so there is some restriction in the articulation but many of the problems can be overcome easily. This is an action figure. Not a statue.

When you are making pants in real life, you must add extra length on your bottom butt area to compensate for the stretch or else when you sit down, your pants will rip. And the reason why this Aehab is limited with his leg movement is because of the lack of extra cloth.

Now, would I suggest this figure?
I am very honest about my review so some might feel I was a bit bitter but I absolutely do not regret getting this item. Not at all. It’s a beautiful figure and again, when it comes to realism, I think it’ second to none on this scale. There are several homework that Limtoys must take into an account but I am sure they will find a way that works for their company.

Mix matching with other figures works brilliantly.

Or join forces with GI Joe from Hasbro Classified series.

No, Scarlett, that’s not Snake Eyes.

Yoooo Joe!
I am sure these new recruits are legendary.
The best thing about 1/12 scale and 6-inch action figures is that you have so much options to play with.

Or replace Solid Snake and enter him into Smash Brothers tournament.

I really hope Limtoys makes all the characters from 1 to 5. Especially the Solid Snake. In fact, I think the semi futuristic suit design from the first Metal Gear would be easier to make since the suit isn’t a one piece and cuts can be added to the joint area. That was one big advantage for Figma since they chose to do Solid Snake from Metal Gear 2. And we all need the Ninja from Metal Gear 1. Limtoys, you got my wallet backing you up. Just blow the horn and cash will flow to you.

Now, I must warn you all that the one I got came with a defect.The right leg peg does not come out from the peg hole since it seems like they glued and the peg and the peg hole are fused together. The left peg came out easily so that you can swap it with the extended ankle peg that came with. In short, the right peg broke off.
I spoke to the store I’ve purchased and they told me they are getting several defects complaints from the customer. They are currently speaking with the manufacturer so let me inform you once I got more information. It totally sucks but I am in my 40s and I don’t get easily disappointed. It’s funny. When I pick the box myself, I never get such problems but when someone else chooses it for me, for some reason I get a defect lol.
The next product that Lim Toys will be offering us is the “1/12 LIMTOYS ALL THAT REMAINS Jol & Elly” which we all know is inspired by the God tier game “The Last of Us”.
You can purchase Jol and Elly separately but I must say Elly’s a bit expensive for its size. These are both roughly around $82 USD. If you get the deluxe version with both figures included, it will be roughly $163 USD.
And I love this game so much (I must emphasize that I only love the first one) that I will be getting my hands on these two.
Now, because these figures do not have any gloves, I assume the wrist articulation will be fine but because I see no crouching down poses on their promo images, I fear we will be having the same issue for the hip/thigh articulation that we had with Aehab. However, since there aren’t many gadgets on their torso, they should come with a decent amount of ab crunch.
What I am more excited about is Lim Toys giving us this sneak peek image.
And it’s definitely the Resident Evil franchise! And we collectors were begging someone to give us a high quality 1/12 scale figures from this line and every company was ignoring us. Not Lim Toys! They stood up and I hope this typewriter will be included too! It’s beautiful! If you read the letter, it says “Claire” which means they might be focusing on Resident Evil 2 first and that is understandable because when they picture was released, 2 was the most spoken topic. But, I don’t care where they start. Just give us Resident Evil Chris, Jill, Barry, Albert, Claire, Ada, Rebecca, Nemesis, Tyrant, Sheva, Sherry, Sarlos, Jack, dogs, zombies, zombies, dogs, licker, zombies, hunters, zombies, dog, alligator, zombies… JUST GIVE US EVERYTHING AND WE’LL THROW YOU THE CASH!

This was a fun unboxing review as well as quite exhausting one. But next week will be another Diorama Photo Review and it’s a special one. Aehab and Solid will go fetch you a sneak peak for you all…

~and NOPE. Sadly Aehad is surrounded by savage Bannana soldiers.
Sneak peak will be announced on my Facebook page in few days.
This concludes my full review of Lim Toys 1/12 scale S++ Aehab figure.
I will try to have my Youtube video released for this Thursday, September 24, 2020.
Keep tuned!

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