Jazzware HALO: Master Chief Figure Unboxing Photo Review

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I think it’s my first time buying something from Jazzware but I did really want to get a 1/12 scale Master Chief figure so here he is! There was an 1000 Toys one but the version I wanted wasn’t exactly that. The box seems very simple and the way it is made seem to be a bit too easy to break so be aware.

Now I did my best to make my Master Chief stand straight and as you can see, his knees are slightly bent inward. If I try to make his knees straight, his body will flip forward. And if I try to make him stand straight, his legs will turn inward making him look like a Japanese anime girl. What’s up with that Jazzware?

He does come with a decent amount of pairs of hands. Especially considering the price it’s a really good deal. The rifle looks a bit small but I never played the game so it’s really not fair for me to comment on that.

Now, there’s a pros and cons about this figure. Let’s start with the good side because the bad side’s a nightmare!

First, his chrome gold plating on his visor is beautiful! very much like the game! And he’s huge even for a 1/12 scale and I think that’s correct since Master Chief was huge. The range of movements are great and the price are very decent considering the amount of plastic they use plus accessories. And the sculpts are nice as well. Good job Jazzware!

Continuing with the good side, he does come with a butterfly joints in his shoulder so you can make him hold his weapon. Let’s go hunt some aliens shall we?

Now, the nightmare. His joints are super soft and it flies everywhere! His right hand joint will pop out too! Like the peg and the peg hole aren’t holding at all. And he does come with a toe joint which is great but because it’s so loose, he falls easily! It’s really hard to make him pose anything!

The second weird thing is that the weathering are super sloppy. It looks like a 5 year old came and just added a black crayon mark on his chest and just splattered some silver with a brush. However, because the price is so low, I think this is something that we should close our eyes on.

I was never a fan of the movie Ready Player One. In fact, I am never a fan of a “franchise party” movie since it’s taking advantage of the popular characters and stories tend to get left behind. Other than seeing our favorite characters, there wasn’t much of a story in the movie. And is the same with all other media that tries to take advantage of other franchises like anime/manga “Gintama” where it’s completely relying on a parody of another franchise. But if it’s a game like the “Smash Brothers” where you can play with your favorite character against another, that would be awesome. But anyhow, though I do not appreciate parody dependent movie, I do like seeing my favorite characters in one shot so here we go!

Alien franchises has been used very poorly. And if you cant find a decent writer / director, how about having it work with another franchise? Now that sound like a direct contradiction to my above statement but if the story comes first, then franchise mash are great. Sadly, most of the time that is never the case (like in the Alien Vs Predator). The only real good mash up are found in the game like Capcom Vs. Marvel. So I really do hope some awesome director and writer come and break this chain of failure and give us an awesome franchise battle. And aliens are the best to do so. We can make a real horror battle movie with Halo Vs. Aliens or even Star Wars Vs. Aliens.

So, overall, this is a mixed bag of good and bad. But considering the price, I think it’s overall good. Seriously, Hasbro will never offer a figure with this much articulation, size and accessories in this price range. Never. So been fair, it’s a nice action figure.

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