Holiday Special: Christmas 2015

Diorama made: December 15, 2015.
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I was all alone on Christmas day 2015 but hey, at least my action figures were having some fun decorating their tree.

I have a special attachment to these two droids. I mean, I am skinny as C-3PO and I walk like him too lol. But I have a tendency of not letting people push me so I feel more connected to R2. Regardless, they are inseparable.

We simply can’t have Christmas party without the awesome kick ass galactic empire, can we? George, we love you so much for giving us these awesome characters. You are like Santa to us all.

By the way, did I say my photo was accepted and used in the Sideshow Collectibles website once? Yup. These are the photos. Yoda must be proud 🙂

We definitely need Cantina bands to add flavor to the party! And these guys were super hard and costly to find! 4 lovely aliens from Sideshow Collectibles.

I am sure I am the no.1 Star Wars merchandise collector in Vancouver, BC, Canada. Well, honestly I think I collect the most action figures in the Vancouver period. Hell, I have thousands of them. And these Spiderman and Hulk Santa figures are something so special that I can never let it go. Got these when I was in early grade school. So it must be over 25 years having them.