Holiday Diorama: Halloween 2018

Photo taken on October 22, 2018
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Halloween is one of my favorite seasons! Because it’s time for a kickass diorama!

This is when I start collecting more 6″ line figures since its far more manageable for diorama building. And there are far more character variants then 1/6 scale figures too. I mean look at the infinite possibility that you can do with all the toys out there!

The thing about making a larger scale diorama is that you just can’t stop taking photos! And that sounds like a great thing but when you are limited with your time, it is a bit dangerous. Like I work for 7 days a week so I need to sleep! But I can’t! How can I not take more photos!?

This is one of my most favorite photos. I think I captured Doraemon’s emotion and the situation perfectly. These things are what make diorama photo so much fun!

Yoda needs a spotlight as usual. As you can see, I can only do so much with 12 and 1/6 scale diorama making due to space and size. But with the 6″ and 1/12 scale, I can triple what I could have done on a larger scale.

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