Fate/Apocrypha: Figma: Saber of the Red Figure Unboxing Photo Review

Fate franchise needs a better name creator...

Yes, yes. Apocrypha isn’t actually a normal English word but is a hidden book for elite Christian but the story wasn’t actually related too much to that term. I am Japanese so I know. Japanese from Japan tend to have a super blind idolization toward English. Listen to any Japanese music and surely you’ll hear a terribly pronounced English in there. And almost all the time, they have no idea what those words mean exactly. And seeing another title with such is quite an embarrassment for Japanese born outside Japan. Yea, I am talking about myself lol.

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A simple box with an awesome promotional image as usual. The box is pasted all around with Red Saber’s attitude and I love it.

For this Saber, you get an option of a jacket on and off and you will get three face plates as well as a ton of hands option. The sword is exactly identical to the one you got with the armored Red Saber released a while ago.

Man! I love this Red Saber! She’s so cute! Like her expression was great in the anime and the figure really shows that too.

I don’t usually run for the variant figure but this Red Saber has so much attitude that I needed to buy it. And due to her design, she gets a full range of articulation too.

I love my Kazuma figure. He’s so useful in this sort of circumstance.

And as much as she hates, she loves her daddy. If you have watched comedy anime episodes, Mordred is really fond of her father Arthur. I am sure if Protosaber was her daddy, he would have guided her better. Well, maybe not because he’s an Arthur too?

There is a scene where girls having a super exposing cloth and get angry when a guy looks at her flesh. What do you expect?
And the funny thing about Mordrid is that she doesn’t want you to treat her as a girl yet she’s wearing very exposed girly clothe. If a guy were to wear that, that’s very… well, out of the norm. You can’t select what you want from two different factors you know? Pick one and you’ll get the entire slot that comes with it. But I am sure if daddy picked her up, she would be very shy about it.

Everyone will run against Saber Alt. Well, Mordirid will probably still fight but it is funny if she runs and gets tossed like this.

So overall, I love this figure. Simple yet done very well. Her articulation is one of the best kind taking advantage of Figma’s design to the fullest and her facial expression is just adorable. I prefer this casual looking Mordrid more than her armored version. What? Am I getting the swimsuit version? I thought of it but that one didn’t offer more than what I have already so I will skip that one but for those who are getting it, more power to you!

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