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When you got an awesome diorama like the one from XBD Studio here, it’s hard to stop taking photos. And up to now, I only was able to upload not even half of what I want to post.

I said this before but one day I will do a dedicated Dragon Ball FighterZ diorama collection posting. This post is the Martial Art Tournament diorama exclusive but I will try to take photos with different kinds of backgrounds.

I know a lot of you like the latest upgraded versions of these two but I still like the original Goku and Vegeta when they were still rough and not well-rounded. The good old age. Goku and Vegeta are now more of a friend but when they were enemies, I felt more rivalry between them.

I am so happy that Bandai is going all out on Dragon Ball figures. Bandai is a company that doesn’t try to complete the rosters. And for that reason, I feel sorry for the Naruto fans.

That all said, can you do something about the poor joints on Frieza Force body armor shoulder? It keeps popping off.

I really wanted Bandai to make a 2.0 for the Androids but it seems that will never come. At least not until the next 10 years or so. I do like the more casual mom kind of clothing Android 18 has now, but her original costume is still my preference.

For those who might be wondering, I am using a similar scaled Android 18 statue head here. Recently we got a preorder of the Dragon Ball S Android 18 and 17 and I might use that head for this costume.

I never cared much about fat Buu. But hobbies are interesting. After buying the figure and played around with it, I appreciate more about the brilliance of Akira Toriyama’s design. Simple yet effective. It’s not what you get from today’s design who tries to over saturate with unnecessary details.

And the great thing about Akira Toriyama’s design is that it truly is one of a kind in the franchise. It’s almost like characters from action games such as Street Fighter. Every character has its own unique design and their moves work well with their designs. Something only true designers can pull out. I can even see that they are trying to give Gohan something different now in design since they do not want him to be Goku variants.

Like here, Gohan with his father’s gi was cool IF he was going to be the main protagonist after the death of his father. But because he never was able to takeover the mantle, they will need to give him a different costume to stand out more.

Maybe a simple purple gi costume may work best. And please, give him his own skillset. The Mystic version is good but he needs a new skill set to be truly different. He should be the one who acquires Granola’s pinpoint attack moves since he’s a medical expert. He should be the one learning instant movement and healing. Hope we get something for him.

Btw, Trunk in Super is the same age as when he was introduced in Dragon Ball Z. Why isn’t he growing??

Gohan should also stop doing Kamehameha. His skills were from Piccolo. What happened to Masenko? And if he is going to have to do Kamehamena, let’s give him a different color since his training originated from demon skills and now he absorbed the mystic power.

He may be your father but he ain’t your daddy.

We seriously need a power-up for Piccolo. When he first appeared, he was the speed and power character with a ton of unique powers. Even in the first Dragon Ball Z movie, he punched Sansho breaking his guard. We should give him a new power set too like anti guard attack or something.

Shueisha did confirm the movie and Xenoverse are both canons in a different timeline. But I am not sure about Dragon Ball FighterZ. But I really like Android 21. She’s awesome. I mean a fusion design of an Android and Majin. Please find a way to bring her in Dragon Ball Super please.

Arc Studio really isn’t getting enough praise. Well, they are but they should get more. I mean they are probably the first 3D game animators who were able to truly blend 2D design in 3D action by not depending on 3D automatic animation to fill in the keyframe. They have ditched that and manually posed by frame like how animation was traditional. And that’s why it looks so natural.

Honestly, I can’t wait for brother Cooler. But I must say I was disappointed when they gave him the Golden form. Now Frieza isn’t special anymore. For characters to be truly good, they all must have their own characteristics.
I hope they will give him the Metal Cooler Final Form to distinguish from Golden Frieza. Frieza Golden is a power form. How about Metal Cooler Final Form gets regeneration and adaptation power since he’s a cyborg.

And I think it should have been Gohan who defeated Goku Black so that it shows that Gohan is not another Goku copy. Or instead, Goku Black should not be Goku at all. He should have been Goten. Goten is the most useless character right now. He’s only going to walk a knock-off path. Zamasu should have taken Goten’s body and have Goten become evil forever or something like that. Then we can have Trunk and Goten arc.

So happy Vegeta is getting a super upgrade. But maybe too much. He can take away powers you have absorbed. He now got the Hakaishin mode. He can instantly transport. And he’s also learning how to heal?? Healing power isn’t really like Vegeta’s character. Give some for others, please. Why not Krillin?

Zamasu returned in Dragon Ball Heroes and quite sure DBH is also a canon in another timeline since that’s what Japanese franchises do often. But merge Zamasu really lost the deadly character from Goku Black. We need Goku Black personality more in the merge Zamasu. Merge Zamasu simply acts so insecure.

Love the pain. Love the defeat. Because that proves I can get stronger. This mindset was beautiful in Goku Black. And I think he was the first villain in Dragon Ball who loved to become stronger by facing new borders. Vegeta was actually the first but he didn’t like the border. Goku Black loved it.

Ok ok, stop arguing who’s stronger!!

Frieza is trying to use Broly in the future but I don’t see that happening unless he takes the green girl hostage. Oh… Wait a min…

WAIT! WAIT!!! This reminds me of something. Puny alien?

Master Roshi is the closest human being to achieve UI. Whis said so. And he should achieve it!! He is the wisest and calm-minded. Maybe he should not gain the same level as Goku but he has a lot of interesting skills. He has Mafuba and Bankoku Bikkuri Sho which is like a pain-specific attack. How about give him illusion-type powers too? Wait, no. Give that to Gyoza and get him back in the game.

Again, stop fighting kids!! This battle will happen for sure. Let’s just enjoy and wait.

We really need all the roster to get more spotlight. For those who have not read the manga, we get nothing for anyone but Goku and Vegeta. Give some love to Buu and the others.

I wonder. Can two Fusion characters fuse?? I mean can Gogeta and Vegito fuse? I mean in DBH that is.

Do you doubt Jiren and Broly will fight? Well, we got this crazy match here so if this happened, anything can.

Can anyone tell me what this Gogeta movie is? I call it the Banzai Attack.

I call this Rolling Attack from Blanka in Street Fighter 2.

I don’t understand why these two weren’t having more fun when they fought. It would have been their dream come true match fighting their own equality.

But anyhow, Dragon Ball is about these two. And they will never stop trying to outmatch one another. But we need all the Z Fighter to claim their usage in the franchise. Yamcha kind of did in DBS as the best team worker. But no, I mean they should have their own unique skill set that no other can surpass. Krillin should learn from Yamcha how to do Soukidan so that his Destructo disk can be controlled. Yamcha should advance his speed on his Rouga Fufuken. I just want all of them to be treated cool.

Oh, and for those who did not know, I have started a Web-Manga. It’s in Japanese but for those who are interested, it is my honor if you can come to take a look. The link is below! And it’s Web Manga but in video format by the way.

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