Dragon Ball Super S.H.Figuarts: Full Power Jiren Figure Unboxing Photo Review

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Not a fully developed character? Maybe. But Jiren is a character that was quite necessary for Goku to meet. Thanks to Jiren, Goku learned to depend on his friend and truly understand what teamwork is. And without knowing that, you cannot become a true hero. Now that full power Jiren is out, you can let your Universe 7 action figures to learn that important lesson!

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Further buffed but not as buffed compared to how he was in the TV series. But that’s ok. We got Broly for that. I assume both Jiren shares the same leg sculpt but everything from his crotch and above is a completely new sculpt.

Typical Dragon Ball Figuarts box design with a nice promotional photos to showcase this nice figure.

Jiren comes with four extra head sculpts and I think the assortment of his expression is quite nice.

~And a total of 4 pairs of hands as well as Ki ball for his right hand to grip on.

And I must apologize. My Photoshop did an automatic batch render on already edited photos and therefore my Jiren photos are insanely overexposed! Due to this, I can not express how great the muscle sculpt is for this figure. Also, there is a nice shadow painted between the muscles. Simple yet pure awesomeness.

I am particularly impressed with the back muscle. Because the muscles are so well defined, the shadow cast from the light will create additional detail.

Dragon Ball Figuarts figures all have more than decent articulation but this Jiren’s shoulder has an amazing range of movement. I might even say this figure has the best shoulder joint of all action figures.

Man, pure awesomeness! Nothing is better than a simple fist to fist, the power to power fight. Simple yet the most heart boiling battle has never changed.

If you do have a regular version of Jiren, you can share its hands and heads with the full power Jiren like the photo here.

Yes, this special effect and its dedicated hand are also from the regular version of Jiren. It’s always nice when we can mix and match parts to enhance the play factors.

I think Frieza is one of the best villains in all fictional characters. And I love him for whatever evil deed he does but seeing him getting bashed around is equally joyful to watch!

Some confused that Freiza wanted to help Goku and there was a friendship made but NOPE. He isn’t Vegeta or Piccolo. He’s never meant to be a hero. He only fought for his reward and I love characters that do not bend their will. And we see this was true in the Broly movie.

That said, the final push for the victory was godly awesome. Seeing regular Super Saiyan mode Goku and Frieza reminded me of the Namik saga which was a big treat for us fans. Honestly, I never will think DBS is anything near the storytelling of DBZ but this last scene alone made the tournament of power worthful to watch!

Yup. So many fans wonder which one is better. Considering how fast Broly got strong in such a short period of time, if you give him a chance, Broly would probably defeat Jiren. Broly is the definition of BROKEN potential in the Dragon Ball universe.

Bu~~~t, Jiren isn’t a softy like Goku. If Broly met Jiren before Goku and Vegeta, I am sure Jiren would have finished him off without giving Broly any chance to get stronger. Like how almost Gogeta almost destroyed Broly.

My question is, would Gogeta be stronger than the full-powered Jiren? I am sure there are so many debates going out there. And if Gogeta is stronger than UI Goku, then we are sure that Gogeta would defeat Jiren. However, when we see Jiren again, I am sure he will be far stronger than before.

So what do I think about the figure? Beautiful! Great articulation. Simple yet fantastic sculpt. Keep it coming Bandai! Keep it coming!

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