Dragon Ball S.H.Figuarts: Chichi Figure Unboxing Photo Review

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A simple but effective box design and size as usual. And I love the promotion images on the box. Very Chichi-like.

And you get all the mandatory accessories plus alpha. I was surprised how many iconic scenes you can recreate. Bandai isn’t sleeping with this one.

I am so not sure how the West would take her design especially today. But it’s simply a bikini with an Ultraman helmet and a cape. But she lives in a castle which is under constant hellfire so it’s justified. And to prove it, she’s not as open the next time we saw her.

WHY!? Why is the Dragon Ball that comes with Chichi, not transparent plastic-like every other Dragon Ball we got? It completely destroys the consistency.

Every hand you need to do anything and everything.

Ultra blade attack! Obviously taken from Ultraman but it’s her iconic attack that I miss a lot.

It’s such a joke. Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z have a lot of censorship modification of so-called violence and too much skin in the West but the violent crime rate in the West is incomparably high. So yea, it’s nothing to do with pop culture.

I studied cell biology and I love educating myself with science and biology. History is a pure joy to me. And I wonder, why in the hell are large reptiles co-existing on Earth in Dragon Ball? To sustain such a large body mass, the atmosphere needs to contain way more oxygen than today. One of the major reasons why dinosaurs went bye-bye is due to their oxygen level decreases. So NO, even if Jurassic Park happened, they need to modify those big reptiles to adapt to a low oxygen atmosphere like today. That’s a lot of modification not worth it.

Also, her iconic helmet beam directly inspired by Ultraman is a big question to me. Is that a helmet gadget or her own special skills? We never saw Chichi using ki blast so maybe it’s a gadget.

Typical Master Roshi. I don’t remember how old Bulma was but she was his sex model so perhaps Chichi was too.

No, it doesn’t happen in Japan. Just because Goku stole Chichi’s heart by kicking her crotch, it doesn’t mean you can make a Japanese girl fall for you by doing the same. It’s Akira Toriyama’s joke against the old Japanese mindset that you must protect your shame until you are maried.

I simply can’t memorize Nimbus cloud. It was Kintoun and will always be Kintoun for all Japanese fans. Give us a name with a bit more originality, please? But one thing I remember was Chichi was able to get on the Nimbus cloud which means she’s pure-hearted. Bulma couldn’t. So perhaps it was destined for Chichi to be with Goku.

So I derailed a lot but the figure is awesome! For a detailed review of the articulation, please check the video as usual. But I must say, I have nothing but joy with this figure. If I am to complain, it’s only her vinyl cape which is so one-dimensional but she’s a great and must-have figure to your DB collection!

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