Why Cooler is the most important S.H.Figuarts announcement for the Dragon Ball line! Movie-Verse! Heroes-Verse!

Cooler from Dragon Ball Movie-verse is now announced in S.H.Figuarts line! And this is BIG!! This will open the door for the Movie-Verse and Dragon Ball Heroes characters to be in S.H.Figuarts form!

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Frieza’s big brother, Cooler’s announced and this is no small thing. A lot of people from the west complained they rather have Kefla but NO, they do not understand how significant this announcement is. This means Bandai will release characters who were only in the movie. What about Broly? Well, he is actually not the movie-verse character. He is in the main canon Dragon Ball Super world. For those who don’t know the movie and the manga/anime are two separate timelines.

We were all disappointed when Clone Goku was announced for the Bandai special Dragon Ball figure event. We were quite tired of Goku unless it was Tarles or something.

But then, they released the possibility of the entire Dragon Ball FighterZ characters to be in S.H.Figuarts. And this may worry some fans but not to worry, I am sure all of them will be made in a figure form. This is planned well ahead so probably your favorite Kefla or GT Goku has been already in development.

Cooler’s announcement is such a big deal to the original fans from Japan who were watching DBZ in real-time since the impact of Super Saiyan literally changed the manga anime history forever. One Piece, Bleach, your favorite anime are all influenced by a ton of Akira Toriya’s manga ideas and Super Saiyan is one of them. In fact, we did have the protagonist changing into a completely different thing like Devilman but we never had a protagonist transforming without a major appearance change (Goku simply got golden hair). Yet, the impact shattered us all.

Yes, Super Saiyan Goku first appeared in the Frieza saga and that is exactly why Cooler was a shocking thing. He was a big brother of Frieza who we all know as the icon of all evil. And when he one-shot Goku in the movie, we were all concerned.

Not to mention his bad-ass armored design with insane durability that he can swim through Goku’s Kamehameha. He was unstoppable until he faced Super Saiyan of course but what Cooler showed was forever lasting for the OG Japanese audience.

Yes, I know. New fans or audience outside Japan want Kefla but she’s actually not so popular in Japan due to how she acquired Super Saiyan power. Goten and kid Trunks did become Super Saiyan earlier but they knew about it and they were play fighting and one day the power was triggered. Because the audience never saw how they got the power, the facepalm wasn’t as big but how Kefla describe how to achieve the form was nothing but a joke. Sorry Vegeta, all your effort is a joke. That said, there are Kefla fans in Japan and the discussion is that the only reason she is popular or accepted is that she’s a girl. Kaba is disliked as hell in Japan and Japanese anime fans tend to be very much soft to female characters.
Anyhow, don’t be worried. Kefla will get S.H.Figuarts treatments for sure. It’s a no-brainer. I’ll definitely get her since I do like the character too.

But honestly, Veedel is far more popular than Kefla in Japan. And when she is released, we so much hope she gets an additional head to sculpt with her original haircut since this version is much popular than the short hair version. The author trimmed her hair since it’s easier to draw lol.

We really wanted a 2.0 for 17 and 18 instead of a rerelease we got. Comparing to modern Figuarts, their neck is short and the proportion is a bit outdated. But most importantly, they really do need the Tournament of  Power version and I am sure one day we will hear their announcement.

Going back to why Cooler’s announcement was such a big deal is that now, movie villains coming into Figuarts form is now possible. And Tarles is a fan favorite. And a villain that looks identical to the protagonist is a thing in Japan. Ultraman, Kamen Rider, Saint Seiya and ton of anime/manga did this. And Tarles is unlike Goku Black, he is his own character. Oh, and we will need that Shinseijyu apple too Bandai. Thank you.

Hell, I would even want Dr. Uiro. The voice actor for all the movie villains was amazing and Dr. Uiro was one of the best. Just that he’s probably too big for Bandai to even consider… However, if he is coming out, he must come with a mind-controlled Piccolo head!

In fact, I think all the Z Fighters deserve a 2.0 upgrade instead of rehashing their old mold. And please give us the DBS version costume for Tien, Yamcha, and Chaozu too. And don’t make Chaozu a statue. And for the OG fans, DB era Yamcha is a must.

First form Cel is also in high demand but Perfect Cel is also in high demand for a 2.0 treatment. I am sure they will one day offer him but I doubt he will return in the anime/manga. Akira Toriyama stated that he completely failed the design for Cel due to all those spots around his body. He said it was a nightmare for him and also the animator to draw all those random spots. Maybe that’s why he was defeated so easily by Pikkon.

I know, this is only for OG fans from Japan but I do want the old Demon King Piccolo. No, not the one we got. I mean the old old one since that version is what changed the mood of Dragon Ball completely. He is single handily graduated Dragon Ball from comedy adventure to serious combat manga.

Fine, for the Western audience, if we have the old Demon King figure, we can use the mold to make Kami! Or Vice versa! 

And if you’re doing Kami, can you give us Garlic Jr. as an accessory? He has quite a fan in Japan and the voice actor is the legendary Kenshiro from Fist of the North Star. Don’t forget that laughing face. We love that so much. If you need a full power Garlic Jr., you can simply use Broly’s mold and there you go.

Fine fine, Popo it is. Bandai can offer him as an accessory for Kami. But don’t ever think to offer the blue Jinnie version to the Japanese audience. They’ll be pissed. Give them the original black version. The West can have the blue version if they like.

But for OG fans, we also do like to see Tsurusennin. Master Roshi is known for his Kamehameha but Tsurusennin is known for so many different skills including Bukujyutsu (flying tech) to Dodonpa, Kikouhou, and everything Tien knows. And please add cyber Taopaipai accessories too lol.

If not, fine! Just add Chaozu with his original costume with Tsurusennin. That would make it sell! He’s a mascot of DB and did you know Goku and Chaozu never talk to each other once in the entire saga?

Another importance of Cooler final form released in S.H.Figuarts is that Bandai can simply repaint him and offer us the Golden Cooler which will open the gate for Dragon Ball Heroes characters. I am not fond of the Golden Cooler form since that will simply make Cooler and Frieza in the same cup of tea. A lot of fans from Japan actually wanted to see Metal Cooler in the final form which we never got in the movie.

By giving Cooler and Frieza different power sets, it will make them unique. Like how Vegeta is now doing his own thing and not chase after Goku. Since Cooler was known for his insane durability, and the Metal Cooler had a regeneration power, why not make Cooler specialized in the defense while Frieza is more of an offense type. Frieza did say he will need an ally to take down Goku and Vegeta and Broly is obviously going to be on Goku’s side. So brother tag would be quite ideal.

And Cooler was more interested in being the strongest of all in the universe. That is the same goal as Goku and Cel. Instead, Frieza simply wanted to dominate the universe. So we can introduce Cooler in DBS and say he came to find his match. Oh, and if Bandai did do Metal Cooler, they can reuse the same mold to make regular Cooler if they want.

Anyhow, the announcement of Cooler is a big deal opening doors to the movie-verse as well as possibly Dragon Ball Heroes too. I understand some wanted other characters but compared to Cooler, the others do not hold the significance as close to this. GT Goku will only release GT characters which some will love to see SSJ4 but Cooler offers multiple properties to be announced.

Overall, it is a happy day. And never to worry. Your favorite character will be released early or later. It’s inevitable. Hey, they even released Lunch so your hope isn’t far off. It’s coming. And for a more detailed discussion, please come watch the video above!

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外人フィギュア動画レビューはToyBoxPhotoのユーチューブチャンネルでこれからも投稿予定です。下からのリンクでチャンネルへ是非遊びに来てください。 https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCdRnaDrOkNUrKkWRQRJDp3w 『お前が気に入らねぇ!』 『俺も気に入らねぇ!』 そんなお二方で有名なポンダ・ババとドクター・エヴァザンに加え、オビ・ワンのフィギュアが三点セットで限定販売!しかもあのカンティーナのバーも付属! スターウォーズ大好きマニアからすれば待ちに待った商品でしょう! でしょう? ですよね? でも今回の商品もハズプロらしく、かなりの突っ込みがファンから送られております(笑) こちらはあの世界大手、超手抜き会社で有名なハズプロから、スターウォーズ・ブラック・シリーズ商品。 正しウェブのハズプロ・パルス限定所品であり、カナダ、アメリカとイギリスにのみ販売された商品。もちろん日本での一般販売はございません。 昔からのコレクターならパッケージを見てピンと来たなら貴方は90年代のパワーオブ・ザ・フォースのコレクターではないでしょうか?こちらの限定商品は昔販売された3.75インチ(1/18スケール)のものの6インチ(1/12)バージョンとしてアップグレードされたもの。パッケージがそのまんまでまさにレトロな雰囲気が良いですね! とりあえず全方角から写真をシャシャシャ! カナダ、アメリカ、イギリスにのみ商品が届けられますが、ハズプロ・パルス・ウェブのホームページはこちら HasLab – Hasbro Pulse パンダ・ババ?ドクター・エヴァザン?誰それ? Ep4でルークに絡んでオビ・ワンにいっそうされたお二人です。海外ファンからは大人気!と言うより、スターウォーズファンは基本的にほぼ全キャラが大好きですね。 ちなみにローグ・ワンにもプチ出演しているので良かったら探してみてくださいね! 三人仲良くチーズ! あれ?何かがおかしい・・・そう、海外ファンがまず最初につっこみを入れたのはサイズ感です。ポンダ・ババがウルトラちっこいのですよ。これにはハズプロ特有の手抜きが理由ですが、それは少し後で説明しましょう。 まるでバルタン星人!ポンダの独特なフリッパー手と、通常の手がついて来ます。なので劇場でお酒を飲んでるシーンや、ブラスターを構える事も可能なのが嬉しいですね。 ちょ!ポンダと言えばオビ・ワンに腕切られたシーンが有名じゃないですか!

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