DC Collectibles / Batman The Adventures Continue: Azrael Figure Unboxing Photo Review

The final 3 DC Collectibles Batman Animated Figure is here...

It’s sad to know that DC Collectibles will no longer be making Batman Animated figures. It’s shocking. And the bad news further followed. Now the Catwoman and Batman Who Laugh figures will not arrive. But at least we got Azrael, Deadstroke, and the Redhood is out…

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The packaging is simple as it can get but a big open space in the back tells how that DC Collectible just hashed this figure out without any plans for the future…

The figure is quite nice. Sad that he doesn’t come with his alternate helmet but it’s all ok. Just a bit top heavy though. He easily fall.

Love the hands. Especially the claw hands. Just the gun is from the Redhood. Sorry, got that wrong!

The articulation is better than the previous figures we’ve got. The joints moves smooth and nice.

We really need Batman Animated series to return. Honestly, DCEU really isn’t in a great spot. In fact, it could be said that it’s hurting the brand name due to the creative team not been on the same page. So at least give us a great animated series. At least its made by those who know what DC is.

Az can also hold a gun. And this Batman has no issue killing criminals. That said, because he’s literally crazy, he won’t team up with Redhood. 

Marvel and DC always try to change things up but nothing beats the OG. Brue is the only true Batman and he shall be so long after any of us are around.

I am not sure if Az was able to defeat Bane due to his talent. I think it was more of the suit. And if Batman didn’t have the no kill rule, he could be unstoppable.

Yes, I was there during the Knight Fall comic first released. I ran and bought like 7 copies and then my brother was angry not getting one even I’ve asked if he wants one. So I gave him a copy and what he did shocked me. He nailed the book on the wall!!! WTF!?

Tim was awesome in the Knight Fall comic. He actually kicked the living butt from Azrael. The only reason why Az came on top but simply due to luck and his suit. This tells how capable Tim was. Don’t screw with Robins!

We really need this in the animated series. And please give us back the Justice League Animated Series too. They were a legend.

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