Custom Figure 01: Shingo Trooper & Vest the Pit Droid

Customer Figure made: December 10, 2015.
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Every action figure collector must have their own avatar action figure. So here it is. My 1/6 scale “Shingo Trooper” with his assistant pit droid “VE-ST”. The biography of Shingo Trooper can be found in the “Go Beyond” page of the site.

I’ve designed Shingo Trooper as a businessman going to any and everywhere possible to satisfy his client’s needs. So it’s natural for him to bump into many celebrities. 

In real life, I am an independent business owner. So it is suiting that my avatar reflect my uniform. It was quite hard searching for 1/6 scale clothes on eBay. I mean the one I like.

 These figures are static. But if they are posed and angled properly, it feels like I captured the moment.

VE-ST figure is a simple repaint from Hasbro 6″ Pit Droid. Shingo Trooper’s helmet is Sideshow Collectible’s Deluxe Shiny Clone Trooper Phase 1 helmet. I’d look forward to taking photos with them soon again.

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