Clone Army Collection

Diorama made: March 5, 2016.
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Do I have them all? YES, I DO. Every Clone Trooper made by Sideshow Collectibles is under my collection. Well, Echos and Five Arc Trooper version aren’t in the photo since I got them after taking these photos. But these figures are a masterpiece! Sideshow surely did a fantastic job!

Shingo Trooper is not a clone but a human who joined the Galactic Republic as a negotiator. He has received a Phase One Clone Trooper armor for his safety however, he preferred to only wear the helmet since he believes himself as a businessman rather than a soldier.

Big daddy Jango is here! It all started from him Honestly when I received this Sideshow figure, most of his armor parts fall apart. I sent the item back but received an item with the same issue. Regardless, it is a great figure. Sad that mine fell and got his helmet scratched.

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