Action Diorama 01: Band of Clones

Action Diorama 01: Band of Clones

Diorama made: December 12, 2015.
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In terms of cinematography, lighting is the most crucial factor in visual storytelling. And that is where an idea of lightning up my figures came from. Not surprisingly, I found a lot of collectors were taking fantastic photos with their action figures. So I shall join. This is a simple light-up diorama using a “Black Shadow Box” display frame from “Studio Decor” as the diorama stage. Using a frosted texture purchased at Homedepot as a glass screen for the frame, it would diffuse the LED light installed inside from being too sharp as well as hides the LED light from the above. I couldn’t find a good angle for taking a photo so it’s hard to see but I’ve made a base where Clone Sergeant (green) sits on his chair. The base mimics a battle-damaged asphalt using “Plaster of Paris” and then painted with the cheapest base paints found at “Opus Art Supplies”.

Clone Trooper’s weapons are then put on top of the asphalt where it reads “Band of Clones”. The theme was these troopers trying to win the heart of the people by entertaining them with music to dilute the citizen’s stress toward war. These are 12″ scale Sideshow Collectibles Clone Trooper using 1/6 scale Beatles drum kit with instruments purchased on eBay.

In addition to the Clone Trooper, I’ve also taken several photos with other figures. Of course why not!?

The awesome part about making diorama is that you can not only create the atmosphere but you can play with different figures.

Sadly, this diorama was destroyed when I dropped the base during a house renovation. But the one thing we never lose is passion for collecting.