Action Diorama 05: Hunter of Tatooine

Diorama made: December 10, 2015.
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Tusken Raider is awesome. They were one of the first aliens we’ve met in the Star Wars mythos. And they were shocking. Almost like some sort of mindless beast. But I soon noticed that they have a distinct culture behind its appearance and that excited me.

This awesome figure is the 12-inch Sideshow Collectible version. Now to think of it, what have I done? I should have kept it as it is but something hit me so bad that I wanted to make dioramas with my 12″ line. Actually I was depressed at that time. Life hit me a bit too hard too many time but when my mind begin to recover from the stress, I always get a strong urge to make something. This was one of those times.
My favorite thing about this diorama is the way the cape is draping. I’ve used cloth glue multiple times to keep the wrinkles. Like my Jawa & R5 project, weathered it using a combination of crushed pastel, cheap acrylic paints, and dust powder.

The base is made using rolled aluminum and then covered with Plaster of Paris. The rifle is from the WW2 sniper rifle. If you look closely, there is a used casing on the ground. I got a lizard from Japan.

The original figure was a masterpiece. People praise Hot Toys today but most forget how much Sideshow Collectible did for the 12″ figure community. If I had a chance, I’d buy another one of these for sure!

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