Action Diorama 03: Droid Auction

Diorama made: December 08, 2015.
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This was more of an experimental project. Both figures are 1/6 scale Medicom figures. 

I’ve purchased a super bright hat decor for a larger figure and brown dyed it. Chopped the legs and arms of Jawa, used epoxy putty to make him pose, and then weathered his cloth using Opus Art Supplies cheap paints. Added mosses found near my house and further weathered it from the top. I’ve found a blue beetle that was dropped dead on the road so I’ve decided to use it as a decor as well. A bit creepy? Yea, thinking of it.

For R5, I’ve used coarse sandpaper from Home Depot. The rusts are real. Not fake weathering power or paint. I’ve used oxidized zinc.

Overall, I am quite satisfied with the final product but I definitely overdid it. Too much weathering but for a starter, I think it is a pass. Below are the original figures.

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