Action Diorama 02: The Interview Room

Diorama created: December 12, 2015
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After making my avatar figure Shingo Trooper, I decided to make him an interview room so that I can take photo with multiple 1/6 scale figures. The diorama was intended to be like a filming set. Using a wood board of 12″ x 12″ for each wall, overall diorama became very compact.

Who would be the best guest for an interview show? Loki of course! We want someone who keeps talking without you even asking him anything. But I’d played around with few other villains.

Since Shingo Trooper is a businessman, I placed a coat hanger with his hats and travel bag resting on it. Added some spices like a telephone to add a bit more realism into the set. Loki is even enjoying his Asgardian coffee. These small things are what I love adding to my diorama. I hope you noticed that I love dogs btw.

Overall, I enjoyed this small project. Props such as the chairs were purchased on eBay. the wall decor is from Michaelle’s. I also had a sidekick pit droid painted but that is for another post.

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