1/6 Scale Mickey and Minnie Mouse Action Figure

Photo taken on June 18, 2019
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My wife is a mega Disney fan. I mean MEGA. And she’s super obsessed with Mickey Mouse. On our first date at Disneyland, she begins tearing up seeing Mickey. Yea, you heard me right. She begins tearing up. I thought I did something wrong but nope, she was just so overwhelmingly happy seeing her idol. So when she heard that Mickey Mouse’s design was to change, she was very disappointed. So I decided to get her these two figures. They are Medicom 1/6 Scale Mickey and Minnie. The version my wife loves. So that when she comes home, she can always see her favorite version.

I will tell you. These figures were INSANELY EXPENSIVE. I didn’t tell her but Mickey costs well over $1k. Today, I don’t know how much is it sold for. But I wanted her to be happy by keeping her childhood memory to be untouched by the changing time and era. Then I realize she wanted to open the base to make Mickey and Minnie stand well which will obviously decrease the value of the figures. Oh well, anything your wife wants goes right guys?

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